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Written on 30/08/2014, 20:03 by Jonny Retro
want-to-compare-your-willy-part2-chassis-versions   ...the differences .... It's been a while since I penned part one (detailing the differences between the Wild Willy M38 and Wild Willy 2 body and fittings), this time I'll be...

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By Jonny Retro
part-3-a-better-appreciation-of-weather-and-forecasting Taking the time to get a better appreciation of weather will make you a better painter, whether you do it inside or out.  
By MadMax00
apply-juice Apple Juice?  How can fruit help apply decals!  
By Hibernaculum
tamiya-plastic-model-co-back-in-the-1980s During the 1980s, the great Tamiya Plastic Model Company’s colourful annual product catalogues pretty much left everyone in the West desperate...
guide-books-and-year-of-issue  I recently got an email asking why TamiyaBase says something different about the dating (year) of the Guide Books,...
By Jonny Retro
why-paint-at-all A slightly philosophical – or at least psychological - question this time...

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