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Written on 03/04/2015, 02:00 by Plopes
the-58200-ta03f-pro-david-jun-fantastic-classic-tourer The first Tamiya kit to be named after its driver - David Jun    I think this is the most beautiful of the classic Tamiya touring car chassis full of typical Tamiya...

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By Rosey
distinguishing-the-hotshot-supershot-and-hotshot-ii I will consider the Mk1 and Mk2 Hotshot, the Supershot and the Hotshot II where a comparison is relevant and any subsequent...
By Hibernaculum
tamiya-plastic-model-co-back-in-the-1980s During the 1980s, the great Tamiya Plastic Model Company’s colourful annual product catalogues pretty much left everyone in the West desperate...
things-to-know-about-58001 So, here are the facts you did not know about the 58001 Tamiya Porsche 934 RSR:
By Massimo Kontemax Russo
astute-guide-part-2 How to get your Astute to perform better
By Jonny Retro
etronix-pulse-24ghz-2-ch-stick-radio   A TamiyaBase product review.

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