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Written on 20/06/2014, 02:00 by Massimo Kontemax Russo
astute-guide-part-3 The rear suspension of the Astute. This is the third part of my Astute Guide Threads:How can we obtain a better performing and more reliable Astute on the track? In my first...

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    • andyaus's Avatar
    • My workshop
    • So of course I had to try out the new helmet and I needed a trolley for my welder so I made 1 up ;D added the hangers...
    • K.13's Avatar
    • New member from Canada
    • Thanks for the welcomes, already read up on a lot of interesting stuff. Here's a few pics of what I got so far.. minus...
    • Dam's Avatar
    • 58065 Clodbuster resto
    • Restorations coming on great :y: I like it when we find out subtle differences beyltween early and late models B)
    • Dam's Avatar
    • Hello from sunny Liverpool
    • Quote: Nice collection thought i was bad :) Judging by what we've all said, were all bad :evil: Thank you again for the kind...
    • BramMeijer's Avatar
    • 58060 Monster Beetle resto
    • Hi guys, Thanks for the offer Manotas, but i already aquired some spares so i hope i have everything now...... [attachment] @Andy,...
    • Jonny Retro's Avatar
    • Advise on painting please?
    • Quote: ...How do you get the background to remain clear and the white areas to actually be white rather than left clear? You...
    • Martin Bell's Avatar
    • Motor / ESC advice
    • I think my 23T motor is faulty as the ESC cuts out after only a few seconds running with no load with this motor. It's a...

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Tamiya Bush Devil w/ King Blackfoot body REVISED
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