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Written on 18/07/2015, 02:00 by Jonny Retro
cleaning-plastic-part-with-peroxide It's a sad fact that the plastic parts many of our toys are made of degrade over time. White parts that have yellowed over the years can be sanded/polished or repainted, but where they are...

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By Jonny Retro
part-17-painting-polycarbonate-driver-figures There are not many Polycarbonate driver figures to paint, but enough for an article on how to do it.
By Jonny Retro
why-paint-at-all A slightly philosophical – or at least psychological - question this time...
By Jonny Retro
part-14-polycarbonate-bodies How to paint your Lexan bodies
By Jonny Retro
tamiya-style-lipo-packs-redux    LiPo for vintage revisited...
By Massimo Kontemax Russo
astute-guide-part-3 The rear suspension of the Astute.

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