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58021 Can Am Lola real car reference
58021 Can Am Lola real scale reference 1
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As you can see, Tamiya's Can Am Lola is a copy of an original racing car. The original car comes from USA, in the then revived Can-Am (Canadian-American) series. As the title says, it is a Lola chassis. The car was driven by Patrick Tambay, a Frenchman racing in USA. In 1977 he had the fortune to win 6 out of 9 races, and thus securing the series win. Mr Tambay did not start in the two first races, and came fourth in one race, so I guess you could say him and the Lola was pretty superior. This particular car was a conversion of the Lola T332. The 332 had a typical Formula style body with open wheels, and the new body, named T332CS was adapted to the Can-Am rules and named T332CS. The conversion was made by USA Lola Importer Carl Haas.
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