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58003 Tyrrell P34 real car reference
58003 Tyrrell P34 real scale reference 1
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Again, Tamiya made their third model as close to an original as possible, the Tyrrell P34 F-1 racer. The Tamiya model is based on the 1977 model of the P34, there is also a P34 from 1976 looking a bit different (yellow decals, etc.)The two drivers in the 1977 team was Patrick Depailler and Ronnie Peterson. Peterson drove the #3 P34 with some success, but the new design was heavier and therefore could not repeat the 1976 win in the Swedish Grand Prix (Jody Scheckter driving). Overall Ronnie Peterson came 14th in the 1977 Drivers Championship and Depailler came eighth, the P34 scored a disappointing 27 points for Tyrrell giving them 6th place in the 1977 Constructors Championship. The P34 never made it into the 1978 season because of the disappointing 1977 season.
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