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58007 Lamborghini Cheetah real car reference
58007 Lamborghini Cheetah real scale reference 1
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The Tamiya Cheetah has amazing likeness to the original! Tamiya really did a great work on replicating this one! The Lamborghini Cheetah was the first off-road vehicle Lamborghini made, with exception from tractors. The car was meant to compete in the US Army selection of the future army vehicle. It was actually only made one of these, one car that today is unaccounted for.. (I'll bet there is a big finders fee :-) There were two problems with the Cheetah: 1. It was a plain copy of the famous XR311, which resulted in a lot of lawsuits... 2. The car was not made in USA, but in Italy, and the US Army was not likely to buy foreign cars. The Cheetah ended its days somewhere in the American desert, after competing in desert races. And, Lamborghini was left in a worse state than before, due to the lawsuits and heavy costs of the prototype.
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