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58033 Ford C100 real car reference
58033 Ford C100 real scale reference 1
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Tamiya leaves the choice to you, build the C100 as the factory white one, or as the orange Jägermeister livery. The Ford C100 is a Group C car, just like the Mercedes C11 and others. The white no.7 was from the Ford (D) team (Deutschland) and was driven by Manfred Winkelhock (D)/Klaus Ludwig (D) in the 1982 Silverstone 6 hour race. The car did then have the correct (acc to Tamiya) livery, except the red number seven. But, the same car was driven in the Nürburgring 1000 km later in 1982, with a slightly different livery, but with the red no. 7's. I guess Tamiya took some artistic liberties to mix the two liveries. The orange #1 was from the Jägermeister-Ford-Zakspeed-Team (also Deutschland) and driven by Klaus Ludvig. The livery seems to be from the DRM races in 1982. The orange Jägermeister livery is possibly the most well know Porsche livery from the early days. Both the 934 and 935 appeared also in these colours.
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