Trade room rules

    1. Only RC related items are allowed for trade
    2. Adverticing illegal items are not allowed
    3. Only logged in members can list trades and contact sellers on email/PM.
    4. Only one ad from the same seller for the same item is allowed
    5. Items no longer relevant (not for sale, not wanted) must be deleted immediately
    6. Relisting (making a new listing) is allowed after 14 days of the previous listing.
    7. Tweaking of details and relisting to get back up on top of the list before the 14 day period is not allowed.
    8. Trades you list must be yours only. It's not allowed to advertise for someone else.
    9. You can have a maximum of 40 ads simultaneously.
    10. Trades are for private persons only. Commercial business' are not allowed to list.
    11. Trades that link to ads/auctions/listings elsewhere are not allowed.
    12. does not offer any guarantees for items traded on this site. Buyer and seller are sole responsible for their trades and
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