Porsche 911 GT2 Jägermeister

For more details of my builds, see this article: Taking Tamiya bodies to the next level

I bought this kit in August 2015 when it was released and since then I've acquired five bodies for it. The first one completed being this Jägermeister livery. The stickers are mostly from the Linder BMW M3 with a few otheres from the TamTech Porsche 934 and Jägermeister Zakspeed Capri. This is the kit body so has the mounting holes pre-drilled. I want to use stealth mounts with the other bodies as they have no holes, but it fits so low on the body mounting posts that it might not be possible.

adrian 01 01


The body is great but there's always room for improvement - I don't like stickers for details so I fitted light buckets from the 911 GT3 and LEDs, the exhusts are Yokomo and the wiper is from the Alfa 155. I bought a whole sprue just for the wiper which makes it one expensive wiper! The mirrors and rear spoiler blade are semi-gloss black


adrian 01 02


This is the only Tamiya kit I've seen that actually sits right and the first road car I've built that hasn't required wheel spacers. The stance is perfect, I guess due to not having to stick to the 190mm standard? I did drop it a position lower on the posts though for that race car poise.


adrian 01 04


I like the original wheels but they don't look too realistic so I gave the centres a coat of TS gold then painted the sections where the spokes aren't cut out matt black. I also used thin nuts instead of the nylock ones. The unused 850 metal bearings work great to go between the wheels and the nuts to take up the extra thread of the axles.


adrian 01 06


I painted the cockpit set in a deliberately neutral scheme of black, white and silver so it would work with all the bodies for this car. It needed extensive trimming to fit, the width is fine but it's too long. I cut about 4cm from the back and it fited the body nicely. When I came to fit the body on the chassis after building it I discovered that the rear shock towers and gearbox fouled the cockpit so more cutting needed there.


adrian 01 08


Electrics are nothing special, just a Torque Tuned motor. Happy with how neat I was able to get the wiring though.


adrian 01 05 adrian 01 07



  • Wheels painted TS gold
  • Wheel centres painted black
  • Rear engine vent painted black
  • Vinyl cut Pirelli tyre logos
  • Green sunstrip cut from gloss vinyl
  • Matt black window trims cut from vinyl
  • Door handles cut from matt black vinyl

Hop-ups and other upgrades / additions / mods:

  • Full bearings
  • Torque Tuned motor
  • LHD Touring Car cockpit set
  • ESC and Receiver relocated
  • GT3 light buckets
  • TLU-01 LED Light Unit
  • Thin wheel nuts instead of the standard nylock ones
  • Windscreen wiper
  • Yokomo exhausts
  • Roll cage painted silver
  • Body lines
  • Towing eyes
  • Roof aerial
  • Correct Wayne Gardner helmet with visor
  • Camber (a bit too much, corrected since taking photos)

For more details of my builds, see this article: Taking Tamiya bodies to the next level


Written by TB member Kuhfarben (Adrian)

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