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Volkswagen Golf24 Rockstar Rallycross

For more details of my builds, see this article: Taking Tamiya bodies to the next level

I've had this body for nearly 18 months and I originally bought it as a runner body for a TT-01 Toyota 86. I decided early on I wanted to do a Rockstar livery so I masked and painted the yellow, black and gunmetal last spring. Since then it's sat in a box as other cars have jumped the queue.


adrian 03 03


I wanted more of a Tarmac Rally / Rallycross look than the 24hr circuit racer of the original body so I removed the rear diffuser, trimmed the arches, added the roof scoop and swapped the mirrors and rear wing for WRC style items. I got a set of Rockstar stickers off eBay and made some of the others - Eneos etc. I reproduced the window frames so I think I used seven or eight of the hundred plus stickers that came with the body.


adrian 03 01


For the interior I used the RHD cockpit set as this places the driver further back. The LHD set puts him about 1cm too far forward. The driver is loosely based on Tanner Foust - the grey suit with yellow accents.


adrian 03 07adrian 03 06


Rather than the basic TT-02 chassis I’ve been using recently I wanted to do something with a high spec one. I looked at the TRF-419 but the blue didn’t go with the black and yellow of this body, but this TB Evo.6 Black Edition was a perfect match. I’ve done a few things that most owners of this chassis would never do - remove the rear toe-in with another 1XB block, which I had to paint black as the kit items are black and are not available as spares, and removed the front bumper to make space for the intercooler. I also fitted dummy brake discs and the wheels are 26mm rather than 24mm.


 adrian 03 02


For the electrics I chose all Tamiya items identical to the chassis box art. The car was almost ready but after fitting the electrics I decided that the zip tied wires were not going to cut it so I bought the tools to shorten the servo wires and a beefy soldering iron to do the motor to ESC wires. The soldering is not the neatest but it all works fine.


 adrian 03 09

adrian 03 10adrian 03 11




  • Grille cut and meshed
  • Eneos logo painted on grille mesh
  • Removed rear diffuser
  • Cut back rear arches
  • Roof ariel
  • WRC rear spoiler (Suzuki SX4)
  • WRC roof scoop (Suzuki SX4)
  • Race mirrors (BMW M3 GT2)
  • Golf GTI cup wheels painted gloss black
  • Styrene roll cage
  • Exhaust
  • Towing eyes
  • Windscreen wipers
  • Intercooler
  • 3D bonnet pins (Wrap Up Next)

Chassis - Tamiya TB EVO.6 Black Edition

  • Rear toe in removed with 1XB suspension mount (painted black to match)
  • Tamiya TBLE-01s ESC
  • Tamiya TBLM-01s 10.5T motor
  • Tamiya TSU-06 low profile servo
  • Tamiya TRU-07 receiver
  • Tamiya LF2200 Li-Fe battery 
  • Shortened servo wires
  • Deans connector on ESC
  • Shortened motor wires soldered to ESC

For more details of my builds, see this article: Taking Tamiya bodies to the next level


Written by TB member Kuhfarben (Adrian)

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