Lancia Delta Integrale

For more details of my builds, see this article: Taking Tamiya bodies to the next level

I bought this kit back in March and it's actually the Subaru XV which was on offer at Tamico for €122. I bought the Delta body set and wheels and it was still much cheaper than the Delta XV-01 kit. I sold the Subaru body so made some more cash back there.


adrian 04 03


I built and painted it a soon after and then added a cockpit set which is where the project stalled. I wasn't happy with my how filling the helmet seams had worked, my painting skills doing the details, and I didn't have the proper Lancia specific stickers, just the generic ones so it looked a bit plain.


adrian 04 02


A few months later I discovered the sticker sheet for the 44029 TG-10 Delta has the cockpit stickers (despite having no cockpit) and was available for a decent price (£10) so I got one of those but It's taken me since then to work out how to get the cockpit to an acceptable standard.


adrian 04 04


I worked out that rather than filling the helmet seam it was better to glue the halves together and then sand it smooth. The solution to painting the details came in the form of a vinyl cutter - the harnesses and helmet black trims are stickers. It took quite a bit of trial and error to get the shapes right but now I can just cut a set for the next cockpit. The gloves and red helmet bits are painted as are the driver faces. They're not that realistic looking but neat enough for me.


 adrian 04 05

 Inspired by Victorious Secret and DeeMiller I decided to go a bit further with the body so I added the following:

  • Wheel spacers, 2mm front, 3mm rear
  • Brake discs from the Touring Car Accessory set painted flat clear and matt black (almost invisible behind the wheels though!
  • Wipers from the same set, painted semi-gloss black
  • Exhaust (same set again), painted matt black
  • Towing eye made from an electrical ring connector
  • Styrene roll cage, 6mm tube for main hoop, 5mm tube for the rest
  • Wheel lug nuts painted silver
  • Thin black wheel nuts instead of the standard nylock ones
  • Vinyl cut Michelin tyre logos
  • Stealth body mounts

This will be a shelfer. Seems stupid not to run such a capable chassis but I'm not risking this body. Will have to find another one for it!


 adrian 04 06


For more details of my builds, see this article: Taking Tamiya bodies to the next level


Written by TB member Kuhfarben (Adrian)

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