Peugeot 306 Maxi WRC

For more details of my builds, see this article: Taking Tamiya bodies to the next level

I think this is my favourite of the Tamiya rally cars. Even though it’s been discontinued for years I managed to bag the last couple of bodies from Tamico. Unfortunately even as a spare part the post holes are drilled so I was unable to do my preferred stealth mounting. The shark fin GPS antennas aren’t period correct but look better than holes in the roof. There’s also an extra Esso sticker covering up the hole in the rear screen.


adrian 09 01


Like most of the earlier shells this has stickers for lights rather than plastic buckets, so for a more realistic look I used the buckets from the R34 GTR. These needed trimming a little but are a surprisingly good fit. The stickers on this body is a bit of a pain due to the compound curves and I found that the precise sizing of them meant there was no overlap so it was easy to get gaps. A few strips of the same blue vinyl solved the problem though.


adrian 09 02adrian 09 03



Interior wise it has the rally cockpit set rather than the blacked out windows, with home made decals. I couldn’t find any good reference photos for the driver suits and I realise they should probably be white, but I had a spare cockpit tray where the white of the drivers was ruined by a failed liquid mask experiment so I was able to salvage this by painting over with blue. The roll cage is a close replica of the real one, with a couple of changes needed as it’s only half height.


adrian 09 04


I did my usual details - towing eyes, matt window frames and cut out grille. The rear lights are painted translucent red and smoke with vinyl for the black trim. For long roof aerials I’ve previously used bits of the metal SRB antenna, but this time I got some 1mm styrene rod. This is easier to work with and a lot cheaper too. I wasn’t able to locate the correct wheels in white, but the same design in grey proved no problem to find so I painted a set of those.


adrian 09 05adrian 09 06


I deviated from the box art slightly with the sunstrip, making a deeper version with my own Kuhfarben logos rather than the standard “La Provence” and “La Corse” ones.
Most of my builds have a basic TT-0x or similar chassis but like the Golf I did recently I wanted this to be both special and technically accurate FWD so I picked up an FF-03 Pro. It soon transpired that this wouldn’t work as the 306 shell has too short a front overhang and there is no space for the bumper mounted body posts. The solution came in one of the just released limited edition FF-04 Evo Black Edition chassis. This has the same body post positions as the XV-01 so fits great. It did require the front bumper removing though.


adrian 09 08adrian 09 09adrian 09 10adrian 09 11


I replaced the rear suspension mount with another 1XD to remove the toe in, and fitted the realistic looking brake discs and callipers. The electrics are all Tamiya, with the latest TBLE-03s ESC and TBLM-02s motor, along with the low profile TSU-06 servo and TRU-07 receiver.


adrian 09 12adrian 09 13adrian 09 14adrian 09 15




  • Front light buckets
  • TLU-01 LED unit
  • Roll cage
  • Exhaust
  • Roof aerials
  • Rear window heater elements
  • Brake discs and callipers
  • Painted wheels and silver wheel nuts
  • Tyre lettering
  • Thin black wheel nuts
  • Correct combination of matt and gloss window trims
  • Windscreen wipers
  • Matt black instead of gloss stickers for the grilles
  • Matt black splitter and grille inserts
  • Spoiler clear coated for UV protection
  • Mirror glass painted instead of stickered
  • Rally cockpit set
  • All driver sponsor logos and helmet stickers cut from vinyl
  • Chassis - FF-04 EVO Black Edition
  • Rear toe in removed with 1XD suspension mount (painted black to match)
  • Tamiya TBLE-03s ESC
  • Tamiya TBLM-02s 10.5T motor
  • Tamiya TSU-06 low profile servo
  • Tamiya TRU-07 receiver
  • Tamiya LF2200 Li-Fe battery
  • Shortened servo wires
  • Deans connector on ESC


For more details of my builds, see this article: Taking Tamiya bodies to the next level


Written by TB member Kuhfarben (Adrian)

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