One of the things I feared before starting my Rough Rider restoration, was to find a way to fix the roof. My roof had both lower lugs broken, so something had to be done.


This is my starting point, a nice roof, but the two lugs in front have broken off.

One solution would be to glue new lugs on, but I feared that would not be durable enough.

So I started looking for an alternative way, and opted for a way of clamping the roof into place, using the original screw holes in the body.



After some searching I found that the standard resistor covers was just what I needed. It has a 2mm threaded hole, and the right shape.



On this picture I have marked where I cut, using the Dremel.



And this is what I had after cutting and some bending and grinding. I had to extend the longest section to give room for the roof pillars, but that was easily done with a pair of pliers.



Her the bracket is test fitted, with a screw through the standard hole in the body, through the threaded hole in the bracket.



And after completing the body, and painting the bracket flat black, it looks nice enough for me :-)

The finished Rough Rider can be seen HERE



Fast Forward to today (the above work was done "some" years ago), and the easiest solution is to buy a re-release Buggy Champ roof... But, then you will not have something truely original. ;-)

Written by Larbut

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