Monster Beetle Nosecone fix


 The brackets which hold the driving lights to the bottom of the Monster Beetle nosecone break off very easily. Consequently undamaged nosecones are rare and expensive. There are a few ways to repair them floating around on the 'net but to me they all seemed like quick patch-up jobs. I thought I would have a go using Lars' soldering iron technique to re-build the brackets.

I used an E2 part (cut in half) from the Midnight Pumpkin.



Firstly I screwed my two rings to a driving light assembly to get the correct spacing and glued them to the bottom of the nosecone.



Once the glue was dry I removed the light assembly and used a hot soldering iron to heat up the area where the rings join the nosecone. I then used the soldering iron to build up the area with more plastic from a parts sprue. I tried to get a lot of heat into the join so the plastic would 'weld' together.



Once I was satisfied the rings were securely attached to the nosecone I filed away the excess plastic and sanded the brackets to the right shape. I also chose to fill the bottom of the nosecone between the brackets because I could not neatly finish the internal corners because of the lip on the bottom of the nosecone.



Now some grey primer, a very light sand and another coat of primer. It looks pretty good and it seems no weaker than an original nosecone.



My repaired nosecone beside an original nosecone. A keen eye will spot the difference but the repaired nosecone certainly does not scream out "broken and patched up" like screwing a bit of metal to the back etc does.



Written by TB member vara351

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