This idea is taken from the 1986 Japanese Tamiya Guide Book.


The basic design is achieved with a second support bar behind the stock roll bar, and make a canopy that is fitted to the new bar and to the Wild Willy body.

To make the roll bar you can use a 1mm steel bar and bend it to shape according to this sketch.

Tamiya Wild Willy canopy


The canvas need to be cut to shape according to the below sketch. All measurments are in millimeters.

The white areas of the canvas are to be folded to the inside and stiched together, for reinforcement.

The middle fold should be on the inside and cover the newly made support bar, between the stiching and the canvas.

The front and rear folds are to be attached to the front windshield and to the rear of the body for example by using 2mm screws.

As an option you can add the rear window. Use thin clear plastic and glue to the inside of the cloth

Tamiya Wild Willy canopy


Thank you to TC member Simensays for allowing us to use the following images for illustration.

Tamiya Wild Willy canopyTamiya Wild Willy canopyTamiya Wild Willy canopyTamiya Wild Willy canopy

Tamiya Wild Willy canopy


Written by Larbut

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