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othermakes.png Other makes, Kit manuals Subcategories: 53 Files: 406
tamiya_losg.png Tamiya Parts instructions Files: 75

Instructions and manuals for Tamiya parts.

body_cat.png Body set instructions (PDF) Files: 80

Instructions for body sets

poster_cat.png High Resolution posters Files: 107
manual.png Misc manuals (PDF) Files: 1

Miscelaneous manuals

dictionary.png Reviews & tests Files: 20
folder_documents.png Catalogs, leaflets & adverts Subcategories: 3 Files: 88
exp_cat.png Exploded views (PDF) Files: 208
radio_cat.png Radio equipment manuals (PDF) Subcategories: 5 Files: 49
desktop2.png Desktops Subcategories: 4 Files: 71