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TOPIC: 959 motor question

959 motor question 2 weeks 4 days ago #53937

tamiya porsche 959 question
will a
Tamiya Dyna-Run Super Touring Motor
fit into a tamiya porsche 959
will the front and back white platic parts fit the motor tight and then fit into the car
i know a technipower and technituned and a 540 silver can(only one type i found) will fit into the tamiya porsche 959
the Tamiya Dynatech 01R will fit and the Tamiya Dynatech 02 wont fit but if the Tamiya Dynatech 02 motor if u some how fit the rings to the motor tight it will work
the rings that i got where loose on the motor i have here

just to let every one know here
the Tamiya Dyna-Run Super Touring Motor will not fit the porsche 959 unless u make up the white rings to fit the motor
thanks for your help every one

i'v got some pic of the motors that will fit the tamiya porsche 959
some of the motors will be bit loose on the white rings but u could used wire heat shrink these one type that goes really hard like a rock
tamiya 540 50032 silver stock motor will fit
tamiya dyantech 01
tamiya dynatech 02
tamiya technipower
tamiya technituned

motor silver stock motor link

lipo battery for the porsche 959
and yes will fit the car easy its hard to find a battery for vintage that will fit
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959 motor question 2 weeks 4 days ago #53938

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959 motor question 1 week 5 days ago #54006

this is the lipo battery off ebay
seller pbm-racing

959 motor question 1 week 5 days ago #54007

silver stock motor in the tamiya porsche 959
but u have to bend the pins out a little and ad new wire
took me a few goes to get it right
cant wait till i build the car
with the silver motor yes will run slower but it cost nothing to change the motor out and don't have to buy brushes for 50 or so lot cheaper to run
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