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Radio Gear: Everyone Else 2 weeks 5 days ago #73129

With threads on Acoms and (basic) Futaba radio gear I thought it would be good to celebrate the other manufacturers too – but I hadn’t really anticipated how huge the subject would be (at least 40 interesting manufacturers, and over 70 years), and how my enthusiasm for it would wane after a few weeks. 

TBH I’m not going to sort the photos I’ve amassed & probably won’t even post them, or a lot of the notes I made as I have limited hobby time & would rather make/paint things. What I do have is a list (almost certainly incomplete) of radio gear manufacturers - or at least those who put their name on it that I think is better posted than discarded (below), and a few coherent primers on manufacturers that I anticipated presenting something a lot more complete on (to follow).  

Nb * means it's a modern brand (to me), ** means it’s modern _and_ I hadn't heard of it before making this list. Bold means there’s at least some info on them on (links to follow). 

Absima* (formerly Ansmann, though IDK if any radio gear used that brand name)Acme**Ace RC (2-ch “Jaguar” made by Thunder Tiger)

Acoms ("Techniplus" etc)Airtronics (“Vanguard” & “Vision” multichannel sets made by Sanwa)

Aristo-Craft (long running maker from the earliest “Code-A-matic” (hand size single channel TX to sophisticated multichannel sets, and the 2-channel “Ranger” series)







Carson ("Reflex")


Citizen-Ship (Indiapolis, US, e.g. the early model “APT” 3-channel aero set with proportional rudder & aileron controls, but only high and low for the motor)


Core RC*


Digicont (Germany)


Dumbo RC**

Easy RC**



Fleet Control Systems (e.g. Digi-Fleet 40mhz FM 4-ch)






Futaba ("Attack" etc)

Graupner (German importer rebadging of other manufacturers – Acoms, JR etc)

GWS (Grand Wing Servo-Tech Co. Ltd (Taiwan), e.g. Dream Starter GWT-4A)

Hitec ("Ranger" etc)





Horizon Systems (England, e.g. HS4E TX, distinctive yellow servos & RX)





Irvine (rebadged Sanwa)


JR (“Beat” etc)

KO (DigiAce, DigiFleet, Propo)

Kraft Systems Inc (e.g. “Series 72” with camel yellow components)

Kyosho ("Perfex")


MacGregor (e.g. MR200 (1 button escapement), Codamac (early 1+1 channel set), Codamac MR300, also 2-channel sets, all in distinctive sky blue cases)

Mainstream (e.g. Digi Gem 1, early 2-channel radio but only 1 is proporptional)




Minisonic (early single channel, blue hammered enamel case)

MRC (Model Rectifier Corporation) (4-channel 776, 2-channel models)

Multiplex (2-channel "Delta" were rebadged Acoms, "Royal", "Modul" and "Combi" were multichannel)




Powermax (e.g. “System Seven” with swappable frequency module)



Radio & Electronic Products (REP) (London SW14, England; very early, e.g. “Triton” set with valves in the Tx)

Radio Control Specialists Limited (RCS) (England, early multichannel sets e.g. “Inter 6” & “Marine 6”)



RCM&E (Radio Controlled Models and Electronics; started in 1960 and is still going as a print magazine in 2022; in 1979 they published plans & build articles for a 1-8 channel homebuild radio tx/rx setup, jointly identified as Viking Electronic Systems on the PCB) 

Remcon (or British Remcon) (e.g. “Quantum Six” with gold TX & red servos)

Ripmax (Some models rebadged Futaba; also the TX for the Firebird XL ARTR trainer plane was a dumbed down Acoms Techniplus Alpha)


Roc Hobby**

Sanwa (principally the “Dash” 2 & 3 channel line, Gemini, also multichannel such as the STAC-5)


Skyleader (multichannel aero sets, such as the 2-stick, 4-channel “Clubman Super” & “Clubmate”)

Space (European rebadge of KO?)


Simprop (including the “SAM” = Simprop Ausbau Modulsystem (or “Adaptable”, to make it fit in English))


T2M (French, rebadged Acoms)

Tamiya ("Adspec", "Finespec"; rebadged Futaba)

Tamtech (Tamiya rebadged Futuba)

Thunder Tiger (e.g. G2 Golden Series, also made the Ace RC Jaguar)

Tower Hobbies (vintage = rebadged Kraft)


Tt RC**

Triang ("Radiomaster")



Viking Electronic Systems (maker of RCM&E’s kit)



World Engines Digital (USA; e.g. metal cased “Blue Max Series”)

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Radio Gear: Everyone Else 2 weeks 5 days ago #73130


Aristo-Craft Code-A-Matic (hand size single channel TX)
Aristo-Craft Aristrol MOPA (1950s, doesn’t have sticks)
Aristo-Craft Hitec Challenger 250 (2 channel, somewhat Acoms III sort of vibe, but an asymmetric handle)
Aristo-Craft Hitec Challenger 455
Aristo-Craft Hitec Challenger 550
Aristo-Craft Hitec Challenger 620
Aristo-Craft Hitec Challenger 720
Aristo-Craft Hitec Challenger 2000 (2 channel)
Aristo-Craft Hitec Challenger 4000
Aristo-Craft NaRee Valiant 8 

Nb “Hitec” in the name of some models is probably just coincidence, like Hi-Tec trainers. There’s overlap in dates between all 3.  


Ranger models: 

Hitec Ranger II (kind of looks like a dark chrome Acoms Mk.III or Technidrive (mk.IV). Box is black, with massive pink “II” graphics. “2S” TX is 2-channel, 2 stick with a 60/40 IC throttle level, servo reversing switches on the underside and a 3-LED battery meter. Typically 27mhz AM.“3S” TX is 3-channel, as the 2S but gains a ratcheted knob on the top left of the case for the 3rd channel, small Throttle Quick Trim, CH1 & CH2 ATV potentiometers on the front panel, and an analogue battery power gauge. Typically 40mhz FM.  

Hitec Ranger III Sky (as Ranger II 3S but loses the “quick throttle trim” pot, gets a downgrade to the 3-LED battery display, and the chrome becomes the traditional colour) 

Hitec Ranger II Z (very plastic looking, quite like Futaba 2DR & the 2.4ghx T2+HR) 

Hitec Ranger II N  (most recent, halfway between a Ranger II Z  

nb Multichannel models:Hitec Focus 4, Hitec Focus 6 & Hitec Laser 4, Hitec Flash 5, Hitec Optic 6, Hitec Eclipse 7.


Maplin don’t have a much of a pedigree in RC, but they have the near hobby grade “Wild Cat” (Traxxas Cat clone) and the “Killer” (very, very similar to the Tamiya Fox) kits - as well as the more toylike MRC 4WD Road Winner RTR car. However, they also had the “2001” 2-channel 27mhz set, which was well specified but slightly clunky for its time (around 1984/5).     


Mostly very toylike, but there was at least one hobby grade set – I had one with a Schumacher ITC.It was a 27mhz set of good quality, with servo reversing switches & looked like something between the 1st & 2nd generation (chrome) Futaba “Attack” sets. I had fun with the car & don’t really miss it, but I now regret not keeping the radio gear – or at least, not taking better notes/photos of it.   


Vintage 2-ch stick TXs were the GC2200, later the “Dash” R2/S2/R3/S3 (S=”standard”, “R”=servo reverse, “2” = 2 channel, “3” has a lever 3rd channel, all around 1983/84), Dash SP (servo reverse but also has BEC RX so later than Dash R/S2/3), Dash Saber, Dash Saber X; also a 2-ch steerwheel set, multichannel set(s).  Also made 4 & 6 channel sets for Airtronics. Notable in that the +ve and -ve connections are reversed in otherwise quite conventional plugs.          
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Radio Gear: Everyone Else 2 weeks 4 days ago #73131

Hitec is the french labelled aristocraft for the challenger .
here is my challenger 260 badged aristocraft. 

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Radio Gear: Everyone Else 2 weeks 2 days ago #73147

Thanks for starting a list, even if the topic is impossibly big.

I noticed ACE R/C Jaguar was mentioned.
I happen to have one of these as stick radio. It is a nice example of a brand getting new owners.
Radio set came with a Thunder Tiger RTR fishing boat from early 2000's. ACE R/C is the brand name just on the radio.
I did a little homework and scanned it.
It is on Mega for now:  Ace_Jaguar_stick_radio.pdf


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