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Nitrage 5.2 Clutch Shoe 2 weeks 5 days ago #75363

Hi all. Ive recently bought a nitrage 5.2 and am in need for a clutch shoe assembly. the OEM part number for this is 51032 how ever this is discontinued and currently cant find anyone in the UK that has stock or is able to get hold of one. My main question is if im unable to get the OEM clutch is there an equivalent/upgraded part i can buy. 

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Nitrage 5.2 Clutch Shoe 2 weeks 5 days ago #75365

It used Ofna 32 engine so I suspect if you search by that there will be a bit more options coming up.
And I see some mentioned you will better off with a 3 shoe setup as the 2 shoe setup wears out quickly.

Found this thread which has a lot of info

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Nitrage 5.2 Clutch Shoe 2 weeks 5 days ago #75366

After some more investigation, the OFNA engine is called Force, and has been fitted to many other cars.
The Force 4.1 (25) engine was fitted to HPI Savage X 4.1 and those clutch parts is still easy enough to find still.
You need to convert to 3 finger style clutch.
If you are lucky, you can still retain the orginal clutch bell.
The one is belove is listed as 34mm clutch bell. Measure yours internally and if it is 34mm, you can use these parts.
For the Savage family there is loads of upgrade clutches on the market, like Integy 4 shoe billet ones.

Current HPI Savage 5.6 is using a updated verion of 5.6 Force engine and still uses the same clutch as most of the other Savage series.
Flywheel is #86271 and the 3 finger clutch shoes #160320. The nut is  #86076

HPI carry both standard clutch bell and racing ones. The latter is for metal spur gear.

My two Savage X 4.1 is still going strong last time I checked.

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