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yayyyy :-) 2 weeks 19 hours ago #47253

This is on its way to me, brand new and never fitted to a chassis :)
Can have a shelf queen body and a gentle run out body now :y: yayyyy :)

yayyyy :-) 2 weeks 19 hours ago #47254

Good idea buddy. :y:

yayyyy :-) 1 week 4 days ago #47349

Jonny Retro wrote: I used Halfords Electric Orange (white primer, many coats of a very thin pearlescent "colour" coat, plus clear) - in very low light it's a nice shade, in very very bright light it looks a bit spangly, but most of the time it's very underwhelming. Hopefully your 5 can method is going to look better :y:

If your going to be using halfords electric orange again try an orange coat after the white primer and before the pearl/flake,
My system was white primer, orange, pearl/flake and top coat, i didnt bother with the clear coat between orange n pearl (as ford suggest) and it dont seen to have affected results :y: oh n the plasticiser defo seems to have done the job, you can twist the shell without any cracking or tearing :y:
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yayyyy :-) 1 week 3 days ago #47378

Just got home to this :)
Looks like im going to be hanging around this forum for a while now ive been bitten by the RC bug
Ive decided to go "vintage", well in the first 100 to start the collection, hope they need at least a little bit of work doing to them :)
I shall unveil in the normal mailman thread :y:

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