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Re:Original or re-re Egress? 5 years 1 week ago #36016

:woohoo: yeahhhhhhh! full picts details :y:

this one is for sale if anybody is interested, leave me a pm
it is a friend one who is selling all his materials. all vintages

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Original or re-re Egress? 4 years 11 months ago #36269

I have made the final decision to make this original, and base the "Jamie Booth" on re-re parts. I will show pictures ;-) Full Option now say the JB parts will be finished in January, so not long now!

Waterbok, you said you had some Egress spares. Anyone else with spares are also welcome to help out ;-)

I have taken the Egress apart, cleaned the parts, and started rebuilding it. A lot of the plastic parts were very brittle, and needed to be replaced. I had some plastic parts spared from my Avante build, and found the rest on eBay. I have bought new wheels and tires from the re-release, as the wheels I got were Yokomo. During the build I took notes of the smaller parts and hardware missing, so it's these parts I'm looking for now. So if Waterbok, or anyone else have any of these parts, please PM me.

First out are parts for the rear stabilizer. Both stabilizers were missing, and at the rear only the BP6 & BP7 parts were present. The two N3 parts I found in my stash, and that goes for the two BH4 as well (I suppose those are the same as for the Hotshot?). So what I'm missing from this first picture is the

1 x BL7 "Rear stabilizer rod" -Thanks Stingray-63!

From these next two pictures I'm missing the four

4 x BH6 "Ball nut"

In the next picture I'm missing

1 x BF8
1 x BF9
2 x BH3 "Ball connector"

From the next picture I'm missing both upper front rods with the blue ball joints, as well as the cross member

2 x BL2 "Threaded shaft"
4 x BJ1 "Adjuster" (BLUE)
1 x BP4 "Cross member"

In the next picture we turn to the front sway bar, that was completely missing.

1 x BP1 "Left front stabilizer holder"
1 x BP2 "Right front stabilizer holder"
1 x BL8 "Front stabilizer rod" -Thanks Stingray-63

And finally I'm missing the wing stay

1 x BL4 "Wing Stay"

So if anyone can help me with any of these parts, just send me a PM.

Happy New Year!

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Re:Original or re-re Egress? 1 week 4 days ago #62729

TommieG wrote: It's not gonna be an original restoration. It will be something like this:

.....or maybe I'll base that build on a re-re, and restore this to original, after all.... I have not decided, yet :blink:

Hello, I am looking for a "Full Option" Egress - Jamie Booth Replica kit, brand new or second hand. Please PM me thanks.

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