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ask about cc01 1 year 6 months ago #55939

Hi there there everyone l would like to ask if anyone could be able to answer a few questions about the cc01 crawler.
As I have just purchased my very first one and was going to get another one for when friends come around and we can go out.

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ask about cc01 1 year 6 months ago #55940

Sure, I have 5 of them so I can answer some questions. The first thing you'll find out is that it is not a crawler. It is 4WD, but the differentials are open and it is geared way too high for crawling.

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ask about cc01 1 year 6 months ago #55943

I have one too, and have driven it many many many miles in the past, last time is beginning to be a while ago.

And I agree it's not a crawler, but more suited to trail run rides, like hiking trails.
My first tip is to lock the rear diff by install the included diff locker plate.
You can also buy the same locker plate tree (G parts (G5) ) and install it up front as both front and rear diff are using the same parts inside the diff.

Make sure you buy a ball bearing kit for it.

And buy some new tires to replace the stiff hockey puck ones.
If you have a Pajero, the max tires size is 96mm if you don't want to modify the bodywork.
Same size applyes about every CC01.
Orginal tire size is 88mm and wheel diameter is 1.9"
Boom Racing has several tires in that size and are very soft. you need to run foams inside the tires.

And if you are using the CC01 alot, you will after a while find out the steering system get sloppy.
Plenty of aftermarket aluminium steering systems are out there, some are good, others , not so good.

You will also find the lower rear links will get soft with use, and most changes this for some sort of 4 link system.
I made my own links.

I have used my CC01 ALOT, and I have found it needing a 65t motor if you want torque to be able to crawl places without messing about with installing some sort of reduction gearing.

But all in all a great little rig.
I also recoment to install a 6.5kg servo and above if you want to use it on the trails and some crawling.

My pajero on one of the many trail rides...

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ask about cc01 1 year 6 months ago #55944

Welcome on board :y: B)

I quite like the cc-01 chassis myself, though for me it's more about a cost effective way holding the wheels in roughly the right places for one off builds rather than actuallly driving ...

I'd always get a bearing kit, lock the rear diff (it's in the manual :) ) & fit a lower turn motor (45T plus), depending on the exact model you may be able to lift the body for more clearance, there's a very simple mod for more articulation on the rear, and there are lots of options for tyres that are way better than the kit ones.

Getting a 2nd one is a great idea - take bit of string, aka scale tow rope ;)

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ask about cc01 1 year 6 months ago #55945

Towing is fun if your vehicle breaks down :y:

I have used hair band or shoo laces for tow strap :)

And welcome btw :)

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ask about cc01 1 year 6 months ago #55949

What you do to modify it depends on how you intend to drive it. For my CC-01 Hilux (Bruiser) I drive it mostly around the yard so the diffs are unlocked and the stock tires are fine. Only change was to add ball bearings. For my Wrangler I converted it as close to a crawler as I could with an 80T motor, locked diffs, beadlocks and new tires, and the suspension stroke extension kit. Works really well. My Pajero is about halfway in between.

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