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It's tool time! 4 months 1 week ago #51368

Definitely agree about the quick releases, all my brushes have them fitted .... I'll do a posed shot of my kit as it stands at the moment, next time I have it all out :)

I'm a lot skeptical about the usefulness of a stand/clamp, earlier on I bought a "cleaning pot", not only was it completely useless, but the (same sort of) fittings for airbrushes were too. I tried the hooks provided with a number of airbrushes & they don't work either, and looking elsewhere I found what claimed to be the last word in airbrush parking (in gold anodised aluminium) - but they seem to have forgotten about the paint jar, even their photos show the problem - it can only accomodate a tiny paint cup put on at a stupid angle :whistle:

ATM I hook the bottle over the side of my small fish bowl, it's not ideal but it's the best solution I have access to ... It's making me think about doing somethning better for siphon airbrushes though ...


It's tool time! 4 months 1 week ago #51376

Saw them... had to have them...

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It's tool time! 4 months 1 week ago #51378

It's tool time! 4 months 1 week ago #51382

I'm guessing the block stamping on the holster went through QC on a Friday afternoon :whistle:

It's tool time! 4 months 4 days ago #51449

Built my own airbrush stand :)

Could be a lot smaller & prettier, but this will hold all my airbrushes ... well, I say "all", it'll only hold the generic gravity fed DA under all circumstances, the two generic DA siphon fed brushes and the two copy Badger SA external mix brushes need to be loaded up with paint (or at least a bottle) and ideally a hose in order for this stand to work - but that's when I need it, the rest of the time they can sit in the box.

Construction is mixed 3mm and 2mm styrene sheet, a pin fitting turned from nylon bar, tapped and held on with an M8 bolt; clamp is a total cheat, being a cast iron left over from a modern anglepoise type lamp.

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It's tool time! 4 months 4 days ago #51454

Wonderfull Jonny.

It's tool time! 4 months 4 days ago #51455

I like that a lot Jonny, will it stand up to the thinners too?

Mine are all top feed to really not that complex to hold...

It's tool time! 4 months 4 days ago #51456

Jonny Retro wrote: I'm guessing the block stamping on the holster went through QC on a Friday afternoon :whistle:

I agree, it could be better for sure. Though, love is blind and I cant see the imperfections :lol:

It's tool time! 4 months 3 days ago #51510

Purple_rob wrote: I like that a lot Jonny, will it stand up to the thinners too?


Acetone, IPA, modern lacquer and "cellulose" thinners yes, old lacquer thinners with MEK, I don't have any to try but probably not :)

It's tool time! 4 months 2 days ago #51523

Wow! Nice stand Jonny, you are the master of sheet styrene, my cap is officially doffed to you once again sir! :)

Thought I would add to the airbrush conversation myself. I can't comment on the compressor thing too much as I have had mine about 30 years now, I inherited it from my uncles upholstery shop when I was about 15. It's an old Junn-air model, very quiet but can be a bit slow to recover ( I think that is why he gave it to me ;) ) Yours looks like the ones some of my modeling friends have been buying the last few years, very nice indeed.

But about airbrushes,
I have been using them and bigger painting equipment for many years, started with a real cheap external mix one, then was a Badger 200 single action user for a long time ( very good, still recommended for it simplicity) peer pressure from my fellow modellers made me switch to double action types :laugh: Ok, not really true ;) I know the advantages from using full scale equipment but in the end I needed something bigger for large scale car bodies, it's hard to get a nice full wet coat on the bigger surfaces with small airbrushes. I was using spray cans and a trick where I decanted some of the paint and airbrushed the detail areas then used the can to go for gloss but they are so wasteful and imprecise. Also urethane clear with an airbrush is not too fun either :(
I started looking around and considered ones from Gunze, Iwata and then saw the trigger types from Tamiya ( FYI they all come from the same factory in Japan ;) ) I was looking for info as they don't show up in Canadian hobby shops to often, if ever, I found this helpful review www.missing-lyn...tamair.htm
The fellow says some nice things about the Tamiya line ( all true!) but what I really took away from it was his thoughts on airbrush purchases in general, you do get what you pay for sometimes, we are so willing to spend big bucks on the next kit... but what about our tools? Just some food for thought.
So here is my current tool chest for airbrush painting

At the top is my old Badger 100G, I got it from a fellow who bought it tried it...and let the paint dry in it, and thought it was junk :ohmy: ..,,,nothing a good soak in thinners and detail clean couldn't fix, It's a good all around airbrush, easy to clean works great! Not fancy but not really expensive either.
The lower left is a Tamiya Spray-work HG-WT, that's W for wide and T for trigger, it's what I went for to spray big bodies like the one in the top corner. It has a 0.5 tip ( that's big in the airbrush world ) and a very smoooooth trigger operation. The cup is removable so you can put on a bigger one if you need it. If I had to fault it, I would say it is the removable cup, when I clean it I need to unscrew it to make sure there is no paint still it that area, not hard to do but it is another step.
The lower right is the Tamiya Spray-work 74540, I bought this one because I was so happy with the feel of the HG-WT but wanted something smaller and easier to clean, fits the bill nicely I would say. The tip is 0.3 , sort of a medium I guess. Tamiya also has 0.2 tips for very fine details. The one piece cup and body is a bit nicer to clean too, they are both wonderful in the hand a very natural point and shoot, not the cheapest option but I bought both of them direct from Japan and compared to Iwata or even Gunze they are a better deal I think. :y:
I use them all, any of my old ones that are still about just sit in the drawer collecting dust, I should be rid of them I guess. I still like the Badger 100G I have had it for quite awhile so I know some of the tricks I can do with it, I don't always want a perfect coat of paint but more and more I reach for the 0.3 Tamiya trigger one.
Read that article, think about it.

So that's what I am using...... the nose in corner is a 1/12 scale Ford GT40 that I have been picking away it for awhile now, getting down to the final bits, the body has been cleared and sanded out with 2000 grit and now needs to be polished, not really a part of the building I enjoy but the results are always nice. :y: :y:

So thanks again Jonny, I am thinking about a new airbrush stand now, great idea man!!
From somewhere out in the wilds of central Ontario. build what you like, I will build what I's all cool......
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