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Looks great, would enjoy some more pic's of her :)
If you can't fix it with a hammer, you've got an electrical problem mate :)

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Bought a Avante MKii years ago and it fell out of use.  I recently decided to resurect it with a few new parts  ,...   Starting with a Carbon chassis by RcAidong.  I put the front and rear on without the upper brace and found the only problem was a clearance issue with my "Alloy Front Gear Box Lower Mount" plate.  I use a flat metal file to take off about 1/32 of an inch so the bolt holes would line up.  I'm sure the plastic OE parts would have fit.  I installed the upper brace after everything else got lined up.  I cut a sheet of Kydex into a bumper and heated it to make the bend (Thermoplastic).  Also upgraded to aluminum the Front Knuckles, Front C-hubs, and Rear hubs.  I beat the seller up on the price a little.  Take a look  .  
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