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TOPIC: Impreza 22B: The WRC versions

Impreza 22B: The WRC versions 2 months 1 week ago #52695

Here is a little update on the last WRC '97 i've done. The owner wanted some rally lights. And so i made them...
This time i choose a light pod from a Killerbody EVO X. It's black plastic on the EVO, but needs some painting for this Impreza.

Normaly you have to make 3 holes in the body and fix it with screws.
But i cut of the posts and used mangets at the underside of the light pod and at the inside of the body.

The WRC has a little red line around the lenses. That's very easy to paint on the Killerbody lights.
I choose to paint the lenses white at the inside because the light decals on the car are basicaly white.
The pod is painted the same color as the body and finished with gloss varnish.

All parts glued together. The light pod is done.

On the car, the lenses didn't match the cars headlights enough.
So i made a scan of Impreza headlight decals and printed waterslide decals of it.

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Impreza 22B: The WRC versions 2 months 4 days ago #52769

Loving the light cluster, looks amazing :y:
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