Richard's Escort MkII build - TL01 ish based. 1 month 3 weeks ago #64827

Found out Tamico have these in stock.
Also asked on a couple of norwegian selling sites and one sent me PM that he wouls check his shed tomorrow.

So if all turns out good, I will get a set in near future 
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Richard's Escort MkII build - TL01 ish based. 1 month 2 weeks ago #64932

Got two messages from the norwegian dudes, one cuold not find the wheels and another just had the satin chrome ones like on the CC01 Pajero.
Seens it will be Tamico order then..

Today I did the right side of the suspension.

Here I'm about to fit the aluminium tube to the lower suspension mount.
Bolt and nut works great for this task. I started with a long link and then used a shorter bolt at the end.
Same can be used on real cars too, to remove and install bushes.

Did the same on the upright.

Bolted together. Had to sand the suspension arms as it was a bit tight.
Also fitted a section of tube on the chassis side of the of the upper link mount to be able to use a normal M3 bolt.
Later the upper arm will be replaced by a adjustable unit for the M05 series.

Both sides done regarding fixing the slope.

But there is some iffy going on. The wheel on the motor side has toe-in, but the the other side pull the wheel straight.
Seems like the arms are miss angled some.
For that reason I will fit M05 V2 one piece arms later on to elimate this problem.

Now to the front.
The front has slope as well, mostly from the upper link.

First I made a new piece of 5x3mm brass tube into the chassis side of the upper link mount

And then in the C-hub

Most of the slope has gone now, but will fit new bearings later and do a flange bearing mod to the c-hub for the upright. That's elimate the slope around the king pin bolts.
I also need to change one of the upprights as the one of the threads are gone.
Some of the king pins are threaded in crooked. Got loads of uprights in my parts bin so no worry there.

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Richard's Escort MkII build - TL01 ish based. 1 month 1 week ago #64960

I sent a mail to Tamico a few days ago regarding the Escort Bod Kit.
The said the expect to have those in stock in late April if anyone is on the hunt for some of those.

I have ordered some other stuff (not rc related) lately so the order from Tamico have to pushed a bit nearer towards the summer I think..

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Richard's Escort MkII build - TL01 ish based. 1 month 1 week ago #65033

More progress.

Now the whole suspension is more or less slope free except the steering.
There was plenty of slope in the C-hubs and to make it worse one of the M4 screw holes in the upright was also stripped.

I wanted to make a ball bearing conversion on the C-hubs, but I was thinking, "hang on, did I not do a conversion on one of my other TL01 chassis's?"
And I indeed had.
Turns out on that project I had swapped out for TA04 C-hub and upright, so I found the converted C-hub in my TL01 parts bin.

If I'm not mistaken the bearings are 4x7x2.5 metal flanged ones, so all you need is some M4 bolts to fit the upright.

One more mod is needed on the upright. The collar lip needs to be filed/sanded down on both sides, like here. The bearing flange replaced the space of the lip.
Orginal one to the left.

I used M4 countersunk bolts so they would only touch the inner collar of the bearing.

Now they are totally slope free and they move freely and will stay like this.

Now I swapped to orginal Tamiya uprights, the bearing now sits tightly in them and have now less slope than when they were mounted in the copy uprights.

Also did a short test of the dampers

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