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TOPIC: 1:10 scale farm machinery scratchbuilds

1:10 scale farm machinery scratchbuilds 5 months 3 weeks ago #57007

However, it was always a bit of an experiment, and I think a successful one - even if I don't get to use the wheel afterwards.

The 21mm PCD / 72 degree placement is spot on, and it seems I can do it accurately enough for a tight fit on the hub - although another 0.5mm on the size of the "cup" mightmake things a bit easier.

If I increase the "land" immediately inside the outer band on the outside face from 2mm to 3.5 or 4mm I'll avoid the breaking through.

The narrowness of the wheel (16mm) really adds nothing, adding 10mm depth to the inside would improve the look of the tyre & there would still be adequate clearance to the motor.


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