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Scratch building scale accessories, + weathering 4 months 3 weeks ago #51759

Jugs complete ... and even though I started with much smaller discs than I'd initially planned, they're still a bit oversized. Assuming I've got the maths right, 12ml at 1:10 scale = 12L (2.6 imperial gallons, or 3.1 US gallons):

Starting on balancer (lots of detail & weighting on left hand side to come):

Battery display rack:

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Scratch building scale accessories, + weathering 4 months 3 weeks ago #51760

Scratch building scale accessories, + weathering 4 months 3 weeks ago #51776

I've started work on a 4-post lift; I would have liked it to be a 2-post lift as they are much more common in the UK, especially for tyre fitting, but I just couldn't see it working unless I made it in steel - and even then, holding an RC car up by the sills was not going to work long term, or probably not even at all.

This is where I am at the moment, really up against the small space I have to work with. I know it doesn't look that cramped, but there's a lot of "estate agents lens" effect going on there, things are really pushed together, I had to reduce the office space by 6cm just to get most of it in (note the lack of wheel balancer) and it's only going to get worse - I want to make the garage properly removeable, so it's going to have an 18mm MDf base, with 6mm back, sides & dividers.

I'm going to have to reduce the width of the lift to the bare miniumum needed to hold the Wheeler up, including taking the rear wheels off to gain a few extra cm. Hopefully this will mean there's enough room to get the tyre rack between it and the back wall, as at the moment there's no way the car could get on or off the lift :whistle: I can quite see me cutting the rack & tyres in half though. ... this should leave a bit of space for the battery rack to be more visible. I may have to reduce it in size too.

I will reduce the height of the office doorway (and thereby lower the ceiling), it doens't need to be 100% scale and reducing it will leave a bit of room for railings & storage above. I'm hoping I can add an abbreviated stairway on the outer wall and/or gain a few cm of office space.

I can't see there being room for the tyre balancer, it was a bit of a mistake tyring to make it big enough for any (realistically sized) RC wheel, I should have made it just big enough for a small wheel. I won't have another go at it until I know how much (rather how little) space I have for it, ditto on the bead breaker.

list of stuff I want to do, while I remember it:
wheelnut spinner & airline(s)
Axle stands
trolley jack
glove, air filter & oil filter boxes
more shelving
roller door (not functional)
various boxes, crates, junk etc
smaller wheel balancer
small bead breaker
tool cabinet (probably pinch one from other garage)

Scratch building scale accessories, + weathering 4 months 1 week ago #51877

Not a whole lot of progress this week - I've made 4 small axle stands, a pair of pneumatic wheelnut drivers, finished the oil drain setup (which has turned out looking like a scale version of a home made/lashed up run, rather than something professional, so probably a good thing it's going to be hidden), and cut a lot of width off the 4-post lift) ... and gluing up & priming a bunch of MDF :)

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Scratch building scale accessories, + weathering 4 months 1 week ago #51881

Brilliant work :y:

I recently wanted to make subwoofers, but did not work out how I could do them and I was out of the thin sheets.
Both retail and shipping here in norway is killer for those small items.

In the end I bought some 30mm minature speakers.

Scratch building scale accessories, + weathering 4 months 1 week ago #51926

Some progress ... lift details (hydraulics, ramps, integrated jack), plus partial, non-functional roller shutter:

Buckets, trolley jacks, plus starting on a pair of clocks - they'll look more convincing with black/grey paint and a clock face sticker on, plus "Yokohama" around the edge ... not sure about the "rubber" mat, maybe it will look better with paint & light weathering:

Ludicrously steep stairs, plus railings on the junk/storage area ... this will need a rethink ...

... as I've also made a bunch of air, oil & fuel filter boxes that will need tidy storage.

Next stage should be: possibly posters, definitely a banner with the business name & a scale wall planner, first aid box, ceiling tiles for the office, plus installing the lights ... which requires a roof so I've got something to hang them from :whistle: plus a couple of lead / inspection lamps for fill under the lift, maybe also some bulkhead lamps for the storage area.

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Scratch building scale accessories, + weathering 4 months 1 week ago #51932

JR rebuild all for the banner.

Scratch building scale accessories, + weathering 4 months 3 days ago #51966

Banners etc drawn up (in some cases)/resized, printed out & laminated:

Made very basic racks for the filter boxes & cable/hose reels, plus some more pallets:

very basic ceiling for office, plus doorway architrave & skirtking; once I'd sorted the MDF for the top of the box, the railing looked far too tall so I reduced it 10mm top & bottom, glued it back up ... then realised if the diorama is a section through a fictional garage & you don't see all of the office doorway or the roller shutter, then you probably wouldn't see the front bit of railing either - so I cut it off.

Starting on bulkhead lights:

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Scratch building scale accessories, + weathering 3 months 4 weeks ago #52005

Love the banners! Ok, Ok .... I love it all :cheer:
From somewhere out in the wilds of central Ontario. build what you like, I will build what I's all cool......
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Scratch building scale accessories, + weathering 3 months 3 weeks ago #52078

More bits:

  • small toolchest
    mechanics stool (starting dimensions were dictated by a couple of bits of scrap I had handy, it has come out a bit smaller than I anticipated :whistle),
    fire extinguisher (made from Wild Willy NOS bottle, obvs.) & stand
    functional LED inspection lamps (won't be fully/permanently assembled until after paint)
    functional LED bulkhead lamps (")
    exhausts (planning to disassemble one & make it shiny, other I will rust up/perforate/bend to look well used)

I think that's everything I had on my list, and possibly more than I have room for :)

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