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Playtron Lynx & Dorbeman - let's CAD again :) 1 week 6 days ago #78514

I think there is no more secret anymore on the fact I love rare, original cars with something special on the technical side...

The Playtron Lynx caught my attention for some reasons at some point, and I was recently lucky to find a NIB (damaged box) at an acceptable price... It's complete, and I did not even know there was a driver figure with it.

Anyway, this was not a kit, but it is still interesting as I'm really curious to see it in practice, as it may be even lighter than a Marui Samurai due to the way the transmission is done (reduced to its very strict minimum, and I'll detail this)...

And since I like to work with variants of the same chassis, I also found a dirty cheap incomplete Doberman (its 2WD variant).

The target of this project will be to have at least one of those two cars running, but with some printed parts. And I'll probably have to find a motor heatsync as it is missing on the Doberman...

Anyway, I've started today, with the Doberman front rim...

I do understand why it is done this way, but in terms of printability, that may not be the best way, which means I'll probably do a variant to ease printability. I did not tore down the rear wheel yet, but I believe it will be even easier to print...
I buy kits to built and ru(i)n them :-)
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Playtron Lynx & Dorbeman - let's CAD again :) 1 week 5 days ago #78516

I did not have the time to finish the front wheel yesterday, as it was quite late...

The front 2WD tire is now in.

I also worked out the rear rim, the internal ring used to set the tire in place, and the rear tire (used at the rear of the Doberman, and at both front and rear for the Lynx)...

The 4WD Lynx front rims are slightly different from the rear rims but I'll abord this once I deal with the Lynx in CAD. The frst target is to work the Doberman out in CAD...
I buy kits to built and ru(i)n them :-)

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Playtron Lynx & Dorbeman - let's CAD again :) 1 week 4 days ago #78524

Only used a screw driver and a blade to tore down this car...

Few notes :
- There is one dimension of tapping screws, and one of machined screws. My assumption is that it was thought to be quite streamlined in terms of build to reduce the cost. There is not many screws either.
- Front knuckles pivots are build quite similarly to what you can find on a Samurai. The ball cups are fixed together in the arm by a e-clip.
- Rear arms are quite similar to what you can find on a Aristocraft Kangaroo and Dolphin, with a shorter shock arm. The way the arm is set in place is really similar to the Samurai and those cars
- The content of the gearbox looks at first sight oversized... Maybe they just used what they were used to use on 1/8 GP cars

Without wheels, electronics and motor, I measured the weight at 560g. I'll have to weight the Lynx, but I bet it would be quite lighter than the Samurai...
I buy kits to built and ru(i)n them :-)

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