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TOPIC: Ebay selling fees - current "coupon" offer.

Ebay selling fees - current "coupon" offer. 8 months 2 days ago #50302

Occasionally I get messages from eBay telling me that they will be reducing final value fees to some arbitrarily low figure for listings started in the next 1/2/3 days - often it's 3GBP, or the last one was 1GBP max over the recent (UK) long weekend. This is all very well, but I'm sure it just trains most occasional sellers to only list when one of these offers is in place - which can't be good for them really?

Their newest wheeze - or at least this is the first time I've seen it - is an offer whereby I'd get back anything over 1GBP per item FVF in the form of a single "coupon" two months after paying it. There are quite a lot of (nested) terms and conditions, some of which (like saying a miniumum spend may be required) are not properly defined, and some of which are quite onerous, like saying any part of the coupon not spent on a single transaction will be lost.

So what if I list a load of cars, get charged the usual percentage, pay the bill, wait two months, and the "coupon" requires a minimum spend of 9X the face value, e.g. a coupon of 100GBP (quite realistic given the 10% charge on final value AND postage) requires a 1000GBP spend? That's about 4 months everything-apart-from-rent spend for me.

This smacks a little of the "cashback" type near-scams I remember US retailers being big on, where something costs say 400USD, but has 200USD cashback when you mail a form in. The retailer hopes a lot of people CBA/forget, or even go as far as making it difficult to complete the form (like a 15 digit serial number having to be entered into a 25mm long box).

I think it would be better for eBay to reduce the fees to a fairer level (say 5%) and provide a bit more backup to sellers (for instance where buyers that say something isn't as described and get to keep the item AND the money when they change their mind, are too stupid to understand what they were buying, or are outright dishonest) rather than keeping faffing about with "offers" like this :(

Ebay selling fees - current "coupon" offer. 7 months 3 weeks ago #50387

... and another one: the current offer is 25% off final value fees. I believe the correct word is "underwhelmed" :whistle:

Ebay selling fees - current "coupon" offer. 7 months 3 weeks ago #50416

Yes, very interesting and they have ramped up their marketing and offer lately haven't they. I won't lie, as a seller of a few parts I have started waiting for these opportunities as the normal fees are extortionate. I would even go as far to say as taking everything off and put it back on again when an offer hits.

I do welcome the offers :laugh:

Although, I also understand the reason for controlling postage cost but taking 10% off the top just makes it look so off putting and expensive for the buyer.

Ebay selling fees - current "coupon" offer. 7 months 3 weeks ago #50430

IMO the used/hobbyist side of Tamiya RC sales on eBay was dying before these offers started, but since they've been around it's stayed at a very low volume apart from when these offers are on. I'm holding back on listing anything of value until I get one of the periodic 1 GBP FVF cap offers, although I might be tempted by the 3 GBP cap offer I've had a couple of times before.

TBH I can't see how this is good for eBay or buyers, but I'd be daft to list anything when there's not a significant offfer available.


Ebay selling fees - current "coupon" offer. 7 months 3 weeks ago #50460

Now there's a 3 GBP cap for the next 4 days ... already listed several cars with more to do :whistle:
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