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I guess I'll occupy a bit of space here in the Vintage Tamiya section. Even though my scorcher is a 2010 re-release it just couldn't be closer to the original from 1979. Which in turn tells how well it was initially designed .

I will be posting any progress regarding my scorcher here in this thread. Which I hope will be a positive influence and inspire others. I know I was inspired by pictures and youtube clips by various RC-enthusiasts, and look where it got me!?

Anyway let's start with the project. I consider myself a fairly experienced car mechanic since last night, it was a very educating few hours and I had lots of fun mixed with crazy ideas, but that may very well be the result of too much coffee. Opening the beautiful box, this is what I had to deal with.
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I guess I'd better begin with something simple, .. like the wheels. It took me a while before realizing that it was easier to twist the rim into the tire, than to pry the tire over the rim. This was actually the first time for me. The scorcher I had as little boy was built by a serviceman who was contracted by the toy store to build these kits, if the customer prefered not to.

So, a wheel.

And now .... 4 wheels.

And now ...

Wow! That was quick. Sadly I'm not very keen on documenting my workflow, at least not while I'm doing it. Probably because I like to focus on *the work*. I much rather post closeups of details afterwards, describing how and why and share ideas.


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An instant twist of mine was that I realized that the aluminium motor casing could be optimized to cool the motor by applying heatsink compound between the motor and the casing inner walls. I pasted some on the metal surfaces on the motor, away from its holes, and slided in into the compartment. I also put heatsink around the casing's disection, which also gives the benefit of sealing the motor compartment, just like any other sealant would only now it distributes the heat evenly, as if it was one large piece, for a cooler longer running during hot summer days.

Remaining heatsink compound is still visible along the disection, it cleans off with white spirit easy.

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:y: :y: Nice built tom

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A closer look at the rear under. I remember the 1979 universal joints were made of brass.


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Thanks Sting. I try. I was very careful not to over-tighten any screws into the aluminium. And I use thread lock according to the manual, and then some. You can't be too sure, and I don't want to lose any loose screws.

Also, a word of warning, when assembling the plastic covers for the gears, be very careful not to tighten too much, it could crack the plastic. Rather paste some silicone around the edges to make it waterproof, if you plan to drive in water.
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I just came home with something very funny. One of the reasons I love the SRB is that it allows for total transformation of appearance, and ofcourse its awesome and detailed hardbodies (poly styrene?).

The VW is a beautiful design.

But, then I can change only one detail, the "front post", very easy.

Just unscrew it.

And what I end up with is a very different look. The Bel-Ray Bullet!

Ofcourse it wouldn't be very impressive unless we also change the wheels.


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To be honest, the SRB is just as beautiful 'au naturel', just look at its awesome behind. For me this is fashion, it is art. I'd like a new 'dress' for my SRB at least every other year or so, just to keep it fresh. I could buy VW-bodies and Champ-bodies, coloring them differently, or that pick-up body Ford F-150 (was it?). Imagine what other car types would fit on the chassi.


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uncletom wrote: ... pick-up body Ford F-150 (was it?). Imagine what other car types would fit on the chassi.

The F-150 Ranger needs a different rear roll loop & fitting as well as a different height front post, but it's perfectly possible to make a decent fake with re-release Blackfoot parts (& Suburu Brat wheels & tyres, thought the front offset is different)... the Super Champ/Fighting Buggy body should also fit with the short front body mount.

The Subaru Brat body has a cut out in the rear bed to fit the SRB gearbox - I have been intending to put one on a Super Champ chassis & make a Truckman top to hide the hole, but lack of money & inclination keep getting in the way.

Over obvious body swap candidates are the Sand Rover & the Holiday Buggy, though I think some chassis mods might be required.

Lots ot other bodies may fit, but I don't know how appropriate they'd be - just because you can fit something (with enough brackets & fiddling anyway) doesn't mean it's right ;)

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Absolutely, Jonny. I'm not planning on creating some freakish buggy-monster. My aim is just a few bodies, perhaps I'll try the re-re Holiday, or Sand Rover. They are solid PS that should sit fairly stable on an SRB chassi if done right. I'd rather modify the body than the chassi, if it's a permanent mod.
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