Please take care when trading with people you don't know personally. To safeguard yourself as much as possible do/check the following:
- check the other party's ebay feedback (check his profile on TB, or ask for ebay ID) Send them an email through ebay to make sure.
- ask for references at this forum.
- check the members status on TB. Is this his first and only post or an experienced/well known member?
- Only pay through a secure payment provider, like Paypal. Make sure you pay for an item, not for a Service, as a Gift or other types of payment.
- Exchange real names and telephone numbers up front, and check them out.
- only offer shipping with full online tracking. is not a party in trades made on the basis of this site. Buyer and seller are sole responsible for their trades and for working out a safe way of payment and delivery.
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TA02SW 911 GT2 11 months 4 days ago #43791

I am looking for a «cheap» ta02sw 911gt2 nib kit. Somebody know where I can find one with a low shipping cost to France? That could help me to end my ta02 family. And it could be a nice birth gift :b especially for the end of june month. :blush:

TA02SW 911 GT2 11 months 4 days ago #43794

Seidel? or Tamico think they still ship to France and its 10€ cheaper
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TA02SW 911 GT2 11 months 4 days ago #43796

Thank you.
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