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This is a quite easy operation, although it requires some patience. But most important, it usually gives a quite impressive result.

No special tools required, just the tire, paint (PC) and a match (or toothpick)

This is what you need. I use the PC paint from Tamiya meant for Lexan/polycarbonate bodies. This paint is quite flexible and sticks quite well too.

The match must be pointed with a sharp knife. You can also use a toothpci, wich is usually pointy enough. The point of the match or tootstick should be less than a mm wide for normal vintage Tamiya tires.

tyrepaint 1
A close-up of the tire. The outline of the letters are your " friends" when it comes to painting.

Use the outlining as a "dam" for the paint and fill the inside of the letter with paint.

Dip the point od the toothpick/match in the paint, but make sure to not get a big drop of paint on, just a tiny bit is enough.

 tyrepaint 2

Do not attempt to "brush" the paint on, only drop one drop at a time onto the letters, and gently distribute the paint until more paint is needed. You achieve the best results if you manage to not let your match touch the rubber, only the drop of paint which you "help" to flow.

 tyrepaint 3

The first wobling steps are done...

 tyrepaint 4
And here you have one tire done. With some practice you can do one tire in 5-10 minutes, and that is good time invested on the overall look of your Vintage Tamiya !  tyrepaint 5

Written by Larbut


#1 Perio 2013-10-18 14:04
Brilliant tip,I tried this and it works really well.You need a steady hand and good light!
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