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58010 Ligier JS9 Matra real car reference
58010 Ligier JS9 Matra real scale reference 1
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The Tamiya model 58010 (and 58012) is based on the Ligier JS9 F1 Raced by the team of Frenchman Guy Ligier. Ligier ran with the cigarette sponsor Gitanes from 1976 to 1995. The JS9 chassis was introduced in GP racing in the Mote CarloGP, 7th May 1978. The previous four GP's in 1978 had been raced with the old JS7 chassis. The JS7 was also used in the race after Monte Carlo, in Belgium, but from there on only the JS9 were used. The JS9 got 4 finishes in points where two were on podium. With the three number 5 positions of the JS7 chassis the Ligier team ended on 6th place (19 points) in the championship. Laffite finished 8th in the championship. The Ligier team only raced one car with 26 tear old Jacques Laffite as driver. Laffite stayed with Ligier from 1976 to 1980 and returned in 1985. The engine of the Ligier is a Matra 3,0 L V12. The French company made many engines for race cars, but also produced own cars, like the Matra Djet and Matra Bagheera.
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