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Part data
Part number(s):
Part release date:
18 Dec 2013
Price at release date:
6500 Yen

Damper data
Damper length:
mm (c/c max extended)
Set content:
4 complete dampers and springs
Damper type:
These TRF Short Dampers are fitted as standard equipment in Item 84339 TB-04 PRO Chassis Kit. They are now available as a separate Hop-Up-Option for any Tamiya touring or M-chassis car. Users will find them particularly beneficial on high-grip, twisty circuits, as they give exceptionally fast response when cornering. For: TB-04 PRO, M Chassis cars and 1/10 Touring cars fitted with short damper stays. Material: Aluminum Color: Blue Can also be used in conjunction with regular touring car springs on M-Chassis cars, allowing adaption to a range of track conditions.
Part compatible with:
Parts compatability according to Tamiya Guide Books and Tamiya Manuals.
84424 M-05 Ver.II R chassis Kit
M-05 Ver.II R
Release date: 
21 May 2016
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