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Part data
Part number(s):

Damper data
Damper length:
mm (c/c max extended)
Set content:
4 complete dampers and springs
Damper type:
Optional part for Dark Impact (DF-03). Replace standard dampers with these oil dampers for improved handling,high precision aluminium damper cylinder with shaped inner surface and flourine resin piston reduces friction loss, providing smooth movement on rough terrain. Features Includes spring retainers for use in adjusting damper settings. Aluminium cylinder features shaped and flourine coated inner surface. Coil spring: Wider range of settings available when combined with DF-03 Spring Set (Item53927 sold separately). Choice of two types of fluorine resin pistons (two-hole and three-hole) for use with racing buggy.
Part compatible with:
Parts compatability according to Tamiya Guide Books and Tamiya Manuals.
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