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TamiyaBase Dictionary
Pitch Measurement between two corresponding points on adjacent teeth on a gear. Pitch is ambiguous and should be clarified with what type of pitch (circular, normal, axial, base, etc, etc)
Polycarbonate One particular group of thermoplastic polymers.

Tamiya type of spray paint for Polycarbonate shells

QD Quick Drive (Tamiyas early simple Ready To Run models)
RC Radio Controlled
Re Re Re-Released (meaning an old model re-relased by Tamiya)
RiKo Richard Kohnstam Ltd (former UK importer of Tamiya)
RPM Rounds per minute
RR Rough Rider (usually)
RTR Ready To Run (used for models built by factory)
RX Receiver crystal
SC Super Champ (usually)
Shelf Queen Two varying definitions:
1. Model built for display on the shelf only, i.e. a "good looker"
2. Model retired from bashing/racing because it can't take more beating.
SP Spare Part
Spur gear In RC terms the big gear meshed with the pinion.

Special Racing Buggy (a Tamiya chassis, for the Rough Rider, Sand Scorcher, Ford F150 Ranger, and some claim the Super Champ)


Short Wheelbase

Switch Usually an MCS's
T Turns (motors)
Teeth (gears)

Tamiya's small scale series of RC vehicles (usually 1/24, 1/18 or 1/14 scale)

TB TamiyaBase
TBU Tamiya Battle Unit (for tanks)
TC Tamiya Club
TLU Tamiya LED Light Unit
Track Distance between the centreline of two roadwheels on the same axle (same as Tread)
Tread Distance between the centreline of two roadwheels on the same axle (same as Track)
TRF Tamiya Racing Factory
TS Tamiya type of spray paint for hard plastic shells
TTC Tamiya Traction Control (type of gearbox)
Tub Often used to describe a type of plastic chassis with "solid" bottom and sidewalls forming a sort of tub.
TX Transmitter crystal
UJ Universal Joint
Wheelbase The distance between the centers of the front and rear wheels
WW1 Wild Willy, the original one (no. 1)
WW2 The reissued Wild Willy 2, different from the original Wild Willy (WW1)

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