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58001 Porsche 934 real car reference
58001 Porsche 934 real scale reference 1
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Of course Tamiya's first RC model, was a replica of a real racer, like most of the early RC models from Tamiya. The 58001 is a replica of the 1976 Porsche Cup Champion, driven by Bob Wollek. These pictures are from a replica as the car seems way to nice to be 30 years +.. Bob Wollek drove for the Porsche Kremer Vaillant team, a private team competing in the Porsche cup. The Kremer Vaillant team won the Porsche Cup in 1976, and Wollek accepted the Cup and price money (65.000 DM !) from Dr. Ferry Porsche. For those of you who don't know: Vaillant is still the leading supplier of intelligent systems for domestic comfort. The rabbits on the Porsche is actually Vaillant's trade mark. Kremer is the name of the racing team owner, Erwin Kremer.
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