General ball bearing information

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General Tamiya ball bearings are a popular hop up for those running their RC cars. Tamiya has a way of naming their bearings that is not quite according to industry standard, hence this section.      
Bearing material Ball bearings for RC must be of some kind of Stainless Steel. 
"Chrome Steel" has the lowest corrosion resistance.
"Martensitic Stainless Steel" is a medium choice.
"Austenitic Stainless Steel" has the best corrosion resistance.
Retainers Are the things inside the bearing keeping the balls in place. Different types and material is used.
Closures (shields)

These are important for RC use. The Closure is the shield at both ends of the bearing, protecting the balls inside from dirt, moisture and even impact.


Metal shields (named "ZZ")
Are shields of metal that does not have contact with the inner ring. Positive for RC is the low friction (none), but metal shields will not seal completely so small particles may enter the bearing. Recommended for on road cars.

Contact Shields (named "2RS" , "2" for both sides)
May be in a variety of plastic/rubber materials ,usually Nitrile Rubber, but will close the bearing completely, and thus protecting the bearing from moisture.
Recommended for off-road bashing.


Non Contact Shields (named "2RU", "2" for both sides)
Also made of various plastics/rubbers, usually Nitrile Rubber, but does not make contact with the inner ring. Nevertheless it has better protection than the metal sheilds, but not the friction that the Contact Sheilds have
Recommended for off-road racing where bearing wear is accepted.



Tamiya Description Outer Diameter
Section view 
620 6 2 2,5
730 7 3 3
830 8 3 3
840 8 4 3
850 8 5 2,5
1150 11 5 4
1160 11 6 4
1260 12 6 4
1280 12 8 3,5
1510 15 10 4
1680 16 8 5
2617 26 17,5 5
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