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58017 B2B Racing Side Car real car reference
58017 B2B Racing Side Car real scale reference 1
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Tamiya is supposedly the only RC car maker that made a three wheel GP racer (Side Car). The Tamiya model is based on Rolf Biland and co-driver Ken Williams ride from 1978. Tamiya actually has made an naming error when calling the model the B2B, more on this below. The Side Car Rolf Biland raced with in 1978 was this named BEO77A. The BEO had many new features like drive on both rear wheels, very limited function of the co driver (no more need to hang over the wheels in turns) and the engine was moved back, behind the driver, from the normal motorcycle position. The 1978 season was a success for Biland and Williams, they won the championship with their BEO. But the FIM had during the season seen that the new Side Car racers were so dominant that they decided to make two classes for 1979; the B2A and B2B classes. B2B being the one for 'prototypes' Side Car racers. (like the BEO77A) Biland, as one of the lead figures in Side Car Racing those days (and still the most winning driver, to date) did what he had to and entered in both classes, with different bikes. Now also with a new co-driver, Kurt Waltisperg. Biland/Waltisperg won the B2A class in 1979. The split into two classes only lasted for 1979. The FIM decided for 1980 to ban the Prototype class (B2B) due to costs raising, but protests were made and a compromise was made for 1981 where it states: 'A sidecar must be a vehicle that is driven only by a single rear wheel and steered by a single front wheel, the rider must use a motorcycle handle bar as opposed to a steering wheel for steering, and there must be active participations from the passenger.' So, what did Tamiya do wrong? They named the 1978 racer for B2B, but that was before the B2B class was invented, in 1979 :-)
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