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58009 Toyota Celica LB Turbo real car reference
58009 Toyota Celica LB Turbo real scale reference 1
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As with all the early Tamiya RC models, the Celica LB Turbo also is a replica of a real-life car. This time a Group 5 car built and driven in Europe. These pictures show the real thing. A Toyota Celica GT Hatchback modified beyond recognition. The Group 5 rules allowed for more or less any modification as long as the roofline were kept and the hood and door should also be original, the rest is modified. Harald Ertl was the driver in the debut race at Hockenheim in 1977. The car was quick (compared to the 935's) but retired after only 4 laps. The car was built by German racing builders Schnitzer. The car had a 2,1 L engine producing 560 bhp using fuel injection and a turbo. The car ran in a total of 4 DRM races in 1977, sponsored by Rodenstock and Toyota. The number 56 car is from the first race at Hockenheim (30.07.1977) and the second race at Zolder 14.08.1977) The Celica was run with no 60 on the race at Nürburgring (02.10.1977) where it did it's best appearance, finishing no. 4. Rumours tells that one of these cars still exist, probably in the hands of a Toyota collector from Bavaria. In 1978 the car was re-sprayed in red/white, probably because of Toyota contributing more sponsor funds. Tamiya has this model covered with the B sheet of decals. Harald Ertl was no longer driving, replaced by Rolf Stommeln who was the reigning champion of the DRM (then driving a 935) (hence the no. 1 on the door/hood) The Celica's best (and only) position in the DRM in 1978 was 8th. It started in 5 races and only completing the one resulting in 8th place. So overall the results were disappointing, but we got a dramatic Tamiya model :-) The last picture shows the stock car type that was modified to the race car you see above. A standard Toyota Celica GT Hatchback. The front, and fenders were remade using Glassfiber (GRP). The race car weigh 860 kilo, compared to the stock weight of 1116kg
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