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How to control stepper motor? 2 weeks 6 days ago #78080

I just want to convert my pillar drill to make my work easier.
That's why the drilling quill should be controlled via a stepper motor instead of the star handle. The whole thing should happen with a belt.
The plan and implementation are already in place, but I'm still thinking about how best to supply and control the motor.
Then I don't know how best to program the motor. The stepper motor also has to remember the top point and the drilling depth, preferably using two buttons. In addition, the speed should also be easily controlled and the feed should be switched on and off.
It's all very complicated and maybe you have a few tips.

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How to control stepper motor? 2 weeks 5 days ago #78081

Arduino is probably going to be your easiest option -

Plenty of available schematics and code for controlling steppers.  The hardest part is usually adjusting the code to "tune" the stepper motor to get the exact rotations you are after.
Also, depending how much power the stepper motor needs, you can power it directly from the Arduino board or preferably via an external source (like an RC battery).

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