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TOPIC: Tyre clean and perservation - examples

Tyre clean and perservation - examples 9 months 6 days ago #48745

Hi all,

Something I see/like from good topics is where there are multiple examples of an idea, technique or even a build off the same car. Maybe just me :)

In this fashion I thought I would start a topic on this and using the base of Jonny's article I read recently.

Choosing the right type of oil that will not degrade the rubber was important but something I have very little knowledge about, so I put my trust in Jonny's (what seems) infinite knowledge and found some glycerin oil. It was a lot easier and cheaper than I thought. From the local Boots for just 99p I picked up a reasonable 200ml bottle. A thick clear oil that I now understand is used for sore throats and/or good or skin care HA!.

I plan to post more but on a quick test over night with a small part applied I was impressed. With probably both evaporation and absorption the tyre is most definately looking and feeling better. You can see the dry contrast on this 934 tyre.

I plan to run through quite a few of my tyres so will post further pictures and progress.

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Tyre clean and perservation - examples 9 months 6 days ago #48751

Tyre clean and perservation - examples 9 months 6 days ago #48764

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Rob, I’ve been using Jonny’s glycerin idea on all of my restorations. On most it’s definitely made an improvement, I do think it depends on the condition of the rubber to begin with.
But I feel it’s worth doing especially where it’s nigh on impossible to find NIP replacements.

Tyre clean and perservation - examples 9 months 6 days ago #48765

Never my idea in the first place, it's an old trick ... similarly, "infinite knowledge" :silly:

It's been a long time since I wrote that article - but in this case I don't think the state of the art has improved, and I don't really have anything to add ... none of the tyres I've treated have deteriorated, but then 5 years (or a bit more in some cases) is not a lot of time when some of them are now 40+ years old. One thing I have seen is that they continue to dry out - so maybe I should get over my dislike of "wet look" tyres and not clean off all external signs of the Glycerine ... although IDK how you're supposed to letter the tyres when they're still shiny ...

The rear tyres on my Sand Scorcher, though still flexible and not cracking, have the "talcum powder" look and feel about them again - I did look back to see what sort of treatment they'd had, but TBH I have no clue about where they came from or how long they soaked for - plus I have no idea how they were looked after or what they were exposed to in their life before, or even if Tamiya's "rubber" recipe changed over time.. I won't go through the whole process again, probably just give them an in situ swab.

Short answer - it's not a panacea & top-ups may be needed :)
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