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TOPIC: Porsche 959 resto kit #58059

Porsche 959 resto kit #58059 1 week 6 days ago #53101

Hello group.
Thought I'd start a thread documenting the resto of this poor ol Porsche. My son and I found this at a swapmeet a year ago. Mostly complete, but the body is very rough and the rear lower arms are broken where the shocks mount. It appears that the rear shocks have such little travel, that they bottom out before the arms hit the limits, causing the lower shock attachment point on arm to break out.
Anyway....currently have 3D printed arms on her now.
The "plan" is to strip apart, clean and lube, and replace any damaged parts.
Also would like to get a few bodies...one to do the box art....and another to custom paint.
Enough yappin'.....lets strip her down.

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Porsche 959 resto kit #58059 1 week 6 days ago #53103

Very nice find, all original too by the looks, with the Technigold motor.
You are probably aware that TPG sell replacement bodies on ebay and MCI racing have there own site for decals as the chances of finding NOS these is very slim,


Porsche 959 resto kit #58059 1 week 6 days ago #53104

Like Sappy said, Team Blue Groove (TBG) and MCIracing make very nice repro of body and decals. I'm glad to see a 959 salvation

Porsche 959 resto kit #58059 1 week 5 days ago #53118

Thanks guys.
I plan on finding an original body for box art....and a repop body for a different paint job.
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