Any gamers here? 10 months 1 week ago #67438

u can download it here
and yes i have c&C all of them i just wish people rip the games the right way by using cd clone img files are the way to go
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Any gamers here? 4 weeks 1 day ago #71200

I’ve been playing The Long Drive for a few days now… I could read up on it, but have tried to just stay within the game & collect clues that way – mostly the in car radio. The basic premise is that the world ended sometime around 1979, there’s a parallel universe where it didn’t & time went on as normal, but here it’s stuck around 1988. There’s only 300,000 people left worldwide, the rest presumably having left with most of the buildings and supplies :whistle: The remaining few occupy themselves producing bacon, kielbasa, croissants, Jammy Dodgers and calendars… really, who makes a 1988 calendar when the world ended in 1979? The point seems to be to de-rust and increase the shine on your car by finding steel wire brushes, brass wire brushes, wash sponges & spray polish (plus less worn tyres, hubcaps & any missing parts), while keeping hydrated and fed (mostly on bacon), and keeping your bowels and bladder empty.

Swapping rides for better (or at least different) ones is possible, but problematic. The giant black rabbits are lethal at one touch – and so are the physics. I’ve died several times when the game has a brain fart while getting in or out of the car, it partially ejects you through the roof, and as the human body and the sheet metal can’t occupy the same place, there’s a stationary crash which throws the contents of your car about & kills you. There’s the option to continue, but you’ll have lost a lot of your inventory. Case in point, I drove a long way off road to a water tower, was killed getting out of the car, continued, but the empty jerry cans I was going to fill were no longer there. 

One of the rarest & most important items appears to be the Not A Snake – a length of hose required to siphon fluids – but keeping hold of it is difficult. Leave it loose in the car = gone. Put it in the glove compartment = gone. Keep it on your person = ok, but loses a slot for useful things like weapons. Find a Dacia 1300, swap over all the wheels, tyres, hubcaps, engine, radiator, fill the engine with oil, siphon out the water from the fuel tank, then go to siphon out the fuel from your former car, Not A Snake whipcracks & shoots away at supersonic speeds = really gone. Frustrating, but I did have a save point somewhere before that (with empty jerry cars but minus Not A Snake) & have continued in my previous mk.1 Golf from there, and have found a couple of sponges since then :)

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Any gamers here? 4 weeks 1 day ago #71212

Haha.... You had me at "The remaining few occupy themselves producing bacon" 😂

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Any gamers here? 1 week 4 days ago #71398

Still on the same game, I’ve now driven just over 2,000km. I upgraded to a truck, then a bus. Downhill, fully loaded flat out speed in the latter was hard to tell as the speedo was pinned back against the zero stop, but passing one lamp post less than every two seconds = 200kph+ :blink: Plenty of room for stuff, including hanging rails for all the Kielbasa. Grindingly slow up hills though.

Moving up to a bendy bus was disastrous, the game physics isn’t up to the task & any attempt to use it (having spent several game days transferring stuff across) resulted in quakes spitting everything out, splitting the bus in half, and death.

Along the way I’ve found/fixed up/driven everything else in the game – Trabants (not as bad as you’d think), Skodas, Dacia 1300/Denems/Renault 12s (rear end bounces horrendously), mopeds, and Plymouth Furys (tend to wheelie if you hit a bump on the road).

I got back in another Golf, and because if the Mad Max films taught us anything, it’s to squander petrol, so I stuck the V8 engine from a Plymouth Fury in it. If anything the handling improves from the weight, and top speed is the same 185kph as the Fury, 215 downhill. And then, because I found it, transferred everything into a pickup :D


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Any gamers here? 1 week 4 days ago #71399


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