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TOPIC: Caprinut's 78' Ford Capri 2.3S (V6) - Slow progress...

Caprinut's 78' Ford Capri 2.3S (V6) - Slow progress... 10 months 1 day ago #53259

Wowowoooo. The european mustang. After the german ford T6

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Caprinut's 78' Ford Capri 2.3S (V6) - Slow progress... 10 months 19 hours ago #53261

Hi Caprinut,

That sounds pretty cool modifications. I'm sure that your Capri will look just perfect in the Kona Blue !
Proud owner of the Bruiser Family

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Caprinut's 78' Ford Capri 2.3S (V6) - Slow progress... 5 months 8 hours ago #55260

Just a tad more have append since last time, manly a bit more work in the engine bay.
Have not seen the car since January since I have been ME ill for most of the time and I mostly concentrated on my own health and working towards the disability benefits which now is closer than ever.

Anyway, over to more car related stuff.

My good mate Kai is needing a engine to pass his MOT, and they won't pass his BOA engine as it's way different in design than the orginal 2.3 v6 engine.
The modifcations on his x-pack car has never been approved by norwegian road authoritys since he never have sent a engineer applications for his mods.
And the new MOT rules here in Norway has got way strickter, car needs to be standard or have the mods approved.
Kai is a bizzy man, so he will apply for the mods during next winter.

So we laid a plan for him to lend the 2.3 engine from my car as it's allready out of my car.
But my engine is very dirty and has a layer of oil everwhere, due to leaky seals.
A month ago we lend our mates trailer to transport the engine to Kai's work place as they have a steam cleaner.
Very dirty indeed.

Yours truly doing the work :)
Looking better allready

A whole lot better and the old paint is lifting off thankfully.
Engine will change color, Darth Vader will be entering sooner or later :D

Heading home again

But something had to be done as my 2.3 has worn out valvetrain due some of the former owners never seem to know what a oil change is.
It's clacking like a old tracktor and even when using the correct feeler guide, the rocker arms have major valve clearance.
Baicly the rocker arm at valve side is worn concave so the middle bit hitting the valve is worn down.
I could have grinded them down yes, but the are covered in coaxing (think that's the word) oil, basicly harden oil build up after runnig very long oil intervalls or wrong oil grade, or a combo of both.

A "good" engine came up for cheap on a norwegian selling site and it was located about 170miles west of my home.
Borrowed a mates Berlingo and set off.
Seller was a real nice chap to deal with, but he had to little time to get the to meet me in person, so a couple of his mates was at the location when I arrived.
It warmed my heart that the chap was a Capri person with no less than 6 Capris!
This was one of them

After a quick guide and a nice chat it was time to pick up the engine.
It was missing the dizzy, carb, waterpump, clutch and alternator which I unbolted from the engine as the owner needed that himself.
The rest of the stuff I allready got on my old engine.
With a hoist there was no trouble of loading the engine into the back of the Berlingo.
It was getting a bit late so me and my mate headed home.
No one could help us that night when arriving home and the owner of the car needed it the very next day.
The owner had installed carpet in back of the van so we just fitted a rope around the engine and pulled it put.
Engine just slide off the car with the carpet and landed allmost perfectly with the transport tire still present at the bottom.
Perfect job :)
This was last month.

As the engine sat outside my house under a trarp, (no garage) I now and then took a look at the "good" engine.
Sadly two of the cylinders had rusted so at first I could only turn it 1/4 og a turn.
But with help of vinegar into the cylinders it came little by little til it could do a full turn, by a couple of teeth on the flywheel at the time. No luck turning the engine by crank end at first.

Sadly this ended my plan to use most of this engine and transfer the rest of the missing parts from my old engine.
But not all things were bad.
The valvetrain and valve covers on this new engine looked very clean.
So the new plan was now to clean the heads on my old engine and fit the valvetrain from the new one.
Most of my old engine is complete.

And this was yesterday.
Kai picked me and the new engine up after he took with him my old engine we cleaned a while back.
Then we travled up to his old folks where his Capri is parked.

My old engine is to the left and the "new" one to the right.
BTW my old engine is a 78' and the new one is 84'

For now the engine will only be complete and fitted to my mates car.
When it comes out again it will recive a lick of paint to both engine and gearbox.
In Kai's car it will be bolted to his T9 gearbox together with his clutch and flywheel.

One thing I'm tired of it leaking valve covers and on my old engine the bolts fitted seemed a tad too long.
Some of the threads was bad as well, former owner was moron that fitted some large wooden screws at the back of the valve covers.
Luckly those idiotic wooden screws were tapered so they did not distroy the threads on the bottom of the holes.
My solution??
Fitting M6X30 grub screws with a serated flange nut :)
I have corret washers somewhere but they have been misplaced in storage.
Valve covers are btw from the new engine and in much better shape than the others.

After converting the valvecover bolts to stud'n nut, the next task was to remove the badly serviced valvetrain on my old engine.
Both heads and valve cover was equally badly covered :sick:

After a hour of cleaning the head and swapping over the valvetrain from the new engine, it looked like this.
Much, much better :y:

The other side still to be done :sick:
Not as bad as the first side..

And ready to go home...
The other side of the engine will be done this week when I'm fit for it and the weather is said to be very nice this week :)

Some progress at least.
If I had been well and had the money, I would have stipped down my old engine completly into bits. fitted new bearings, rings and all new seals.
For now, it will reapaired, cleaned and put together to get it running.
New front and rear crankseals will be fitted, same for the valve cover gasket which is already fitted to keep the moist out.
My old engine has also new spark wires, rotor and dizzy cap that were only used the first and last season i 2012 with my car.

To remove most of the internal gunk, I will use some engine flush and a oil change.
When fitting to my car the sump will then be pulled off, and the oil pickup will be cleaned, new gasket will then be added to make sure non of the gunk is ending up in the bottom end.

I do have a freshly built 2.9 engine in storage with 250hp, but I need a bit funds to convert my car to EFI setup (estimating £600 or so)
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