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Porsche 936 Restoration 1 year 7 months ago #42449

Maybe clear coats??? To refind the transparent effect.

Porsche 936 Restoration 1 year 7 months ago #42484

Hey all,
Just waned to add my thoughts as I am getting back in the saddle again. :evil:
For paint stripper on old styrene I have always had great luck with easy off oven cleaner, just keep your hands covered and some eye wear is a good idea too. Hard on skin but OK for plastic. In a nut shell.....1. Apply a good thick coat to the body and let it blister the paint, go away for 10 minutes :whistle: and come back and check to see how it is doing. 2. When the paint layers are soft take a tooth brush and some dish soap and start to work the loose paint off the body....DO NOT use water yet as it stops the reaction and you end up with a big goopy mess ( ask me how I know....) 3. Once you have worked the old paint into the dish soap you can wash the body with water and see how you did :cheer: .
It my require more than one session, just be sure to dry the body before starting again as again, the water will neutralize the oven cleaner.

For your light covers if they are intact you could try dipping them in Future floor finish or Johnsons acrylic clear floor finish ( depends on where you live) it is an old aircraft modellers trick ( car guys too) that makes the clear styrene more clear and tends to fill in scratches and cracks. Give it a try if you have some. It won't hurt the plastic and if you don't like it you can clean it off with window cleaner ( ammonia) and then learn how to vac form some new ones........ :woohoo: :woohoo:

Also you were mentioning something about decals I believe MCI Racing has repros for this ( and a bunch more cars too ) check them out I have been quite happy with his work... B)

I will check my spares stash because it looks like you need the driver too.......

Good luck!!!
From somewhere out in the wilds of central Ontario. build what you like, I will build what I's all cool......
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Porsche 936 Restoration 11 months 3 weeks ago #46381

Its been a while since I added anything to this as not been able to touch it for a while. Its now time to attack that body which, thanks to me thinking I knew best some 30 years ago. is in a bit of a mess.

I started with some graffitti remover which I picked up at a local DIY chain for a £1 and was brilliant. The fin was missing so I attempted to make one but to be honest was a bit of a mess so I stumped up the cash to 'borrow' a new body kit from an auction site with the intention of selling it later when finished, massive thanks to Purple Rob here who copied a rear wing, mirrors and body mounts for me in exchange for some parts I had.

Made a bit of mistake on the body mounts as I didnt realise the front and rears are different sizes and sods law I sent Rob the rears and I needed the fronts, anyway a bit of ingenuity there as super glue can repair resin parts with higher strength than they have originally I simply sawed them in half and rejoined them, job done and embarressment saved!

One problem I couldnt overcome tho were the headlights as mine had cracked and were unusable so delving into the new body has cured that so now I have a complete replacement body kit with no clear parts left.

Porsche 936 Restoration 11 months 3 weeks ago #46382

Bodywork all repaired and complete it was time to get to the painting (the bit I hate) and I have to admit at not being impressed with the paqint from a local car part chain. Firstly primed with white primer and coverage was not good so took around 4 coats. The top coat is meant to be Appliance Gloss White and the problme I had was the spray preassure was so vicious I constantly had to battle orange peeling and the final result (after another 4 coats) is not very gloss at all, I have some laquer to apply after I have fitted the decals so hopefully that will sort it out.
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Porsche 936 Restoration 11 months 3 weeks ago #46384

I bit the bullet on a new boday to get the bits I need, Must say not impressed by the new lens covers as they started to crack when taking off the sprue and the shape is not as good as the originals, anyway hoping the decals will hide a lot of the issues

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Porsche 936 Restoration 11 months 3 weeks ago #46393

Looks excellent mate, I was only thinking about you and this 936 the other day actually as its been some time since I done the parts. I was digging around in my moulds for something and came across the ones I done for you.

Considering the condition you left it in all those years ago, its looking spot on, well played ;)

Porsche 936 Restoration 11 months 1 week ago #46545

Quick update. She is nearly finished just a bit of touching up to around the lights, grill and back end plus when i get a new scapel blade I have to cut the holes in the decals for aerial etc. Plus the drivers helmet needs a touch up

Few points worth noting was I managed to find some full size vintage decals on line and was planning to use these but after tryinga few different adhesive papers and high quality laser toner (HP) I found the colours werent good but worse of all the toner just didnt stick properly. So only route was to use the genuine Tamiya reprints which unfortunately dont have the Dunlop or Shell stickers!!!!!

Have decided I will need to laquer this as the Halfords paint I used isnt glossy enough plus it will seal the decals, once that is down I will use the DIY versions of the Shell and Dunlop decals just for completeness (but they will be able to be removed safely if they look poo)

All in all considering shes 40 years old I think she is looking good and overall am pleased with the results although a few things I would do differently.

Once its 100% I will post more extensice pictures

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Porsche 936 Restoration 11 months 1 week ago #46546

You just did a very pretty work. I love it.
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Porsche 936 Restoration 11 months 1 week ago #46555

Great work! Car is looking very good now.
What was the graffiti remover you used? If looks like it did a brilliant job on the hard body.
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