Richard's adventure in scale garage and related items. 1 week 2 days ago #72627

Wow, 3.5 months already since last update..!?

The last few days I have been painting a bit.
Engine has gotten more color, just not sure how well the "crome fits" this sheme....

Today I made some spark plug wires that will be cut down to proper length when installed.

Had a pair of sports seats in natural resin which is too heavy for real use.
So perfect for a scale garage.
I painted them red with a old jar of PC paint, no idea if that was the best type of paint for resin, but it seems to stick well.
Not completly done yet. But ok for now.
Need to make a table for them..

Btw the Escort is more or less finished now regarding the body.
Later I will swap the HBX chassis halfes with proper Tamiya. The rest is still Tamiya bits, so just main chassis left to swap out.

Still need to finish the windows in the garage, so that might be next...
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