I then remember that the products I study in detail are merely toys (yes, they are...), never intendet to be consistent (as to use of parts) or intended as collectors items. 

But, I still have to wonder how Tamiya sometimes make some blunders at the strangest places...

The above image is a very good (and possibly unfair) example of how realtively easy Tamiya takes on the facts and details. (Click HERE for high res image)

This is the poster where Tamiya celebrates the first 100 RC models, ranging from the Porsche 934 to the Top Force.

The poster is a stunning arrangement, especially when you keep in mind that this was way before digital photography and Photoshop. Study it closely and you will see hoiw they have worked with arranging 100 models to fit in this space.

So, whats wrong with it?

Well, quite much, to be honest. Let start on model number 1 and work our way through:

  • The first error we find is that the Lamborghini Cheetah is listed as model number 6, its actually number 7.
  • The Porsche 936 then is also wrong, listed as number 7.

Then everything looks ok, also passing through number 27 to 29, notice how they were arranged wrong, but someone recogniced it and made the numbering correct.

And now, someone has made a big mess:

  • The Wild Willy is listed as number 33, it is number 35.
  • The Super Champ is listed as no. 34, which is correct, but the Ford C-100 is in Wild Willy's spot on no. 35.
  • The Brat is listed as no. 37, it is 38.
  • Willys Wheeler is listed as number 38, but it is 39, and finally the Opel Ascona is plaec as no 39 of the first 100, when it actuallywas no. 37.
  • Then all the way down to no 48 which is shown as the Tom's, which actally is no. 49
  • The bruiser is listed as 49, one too many...
  • The fox and Newman Porsche has swapped places at the bottom of the fourth column.

Column no. 5 is the first one without errors :-)

In column no. 6, again some mixup:

  • The Lotus 99T is lested as no. 66, whch actually is the Super Sabre.
  • The Williams FW-11 is not no. 67, its 69, and both the Super Sabre and Thunder Shot has been placed wrong.

The rest of the models are actually positioned correct....

Here comes the nerdy bit...:

  • The canvas roof on the Cheetah is painted in a way to light color. (looks white...)
  • The 58005 Lambo is yellow! Ok Lambos are usually yellow, now, but Tamiya's should either be red, blue or black (for the CS version)
  • Of course, the Ranger and Hilux is way off, with respect to Box Art, or anything from the manual.
  • The Lancia Rally has the bumber mounted upside-down (and it's very yellowed)
  • The rear, small spoiler on the main body of the Can Am Lola is painted wrong. It should be white...
  • The Wild Willy is the LWB
  • The Rough Rider and Sand Scorcher are both Mk1's with the black bumper.
  • The Cheetah seem to have broken the torsion bars already...
  • The Porsche Newman is shown in the Pierplant livery, which was not a kit option.
  • The wheels on the Porsche 956 has already yellowed.
  • The 58008 Countach has lost it's window wiper.


Use the comments field below if you see more things to notice!

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