This is the historic evolution of the Tamiya RC model number series, and the explanation of the current model numbers used by Tamiya.

The history of the 58xxx RC kit numbers

The numbers are Tamiya Corp. production numbers allocated to each kit.

The earliest type of numbering RC models showed up on the first RC Tank made by Tamiya. For this excerise, we will go to the first RC Car model which of course was the Porsche 934. This kit was given the number RA1201,

  • The "RA" is the group (RAdio controlled?)
  • "12" is for scale (1/12th)
  • The "01" is a serial number, in this case 01 for the first model, the Porsche 934

In 1982 the Group for RC cars changed to "58" and the Scale bit was removed . The new model number format was then "5832". The Tornado was the first model to receive this type of kit number.
Older kits than the Tornado, still in production when the Tornado was released, changed the model number format on later production runs.

  • "58" is the RC car group
  • "32" is  the running number, in this case 32 for the Tornado.

In 1987 Tamiya saw that a two-digit serial number was not enough, so a three digit serial number was needed. In practical terms a "0" was added in-between the 58 and two digit serial number. The new kit number format is then 58067. The Thunder Shot was the first kit to recieve the five digit kit number on the first production run. (58067) As with previous format changes; older models still in production when the Thunder sot was released received the new kit number format on later production runs.

  • "58" is still the RC car group
  • "067" is  the three digit running number, in this case 067 for the Thunder Shot.

The different Tamiya model groups:

This is the list of model number series used by Tamiya, and the explanation of the groups:

  • 43XXX : Glow RTR
  • 44XXX : Glow kits
  • 46XXX : Quick Drives
  • 470XX : old Tamtech sets
  • 472XX : 1/18 Scale Little Gear Series
  • 480XX : Old Tamtech car only
  • 482XX : 1/35 Radio Control Tank Series
  • 49XXX : Limited Edition kits and parts
  • 50XXX to 51XXX : Spare parts
  • 53XXX : Hopups
  • 58XXX : R/C Kits
  • 560XX : 1/16 Radio Control Tank Series
  • 561XX : Solar kits
  • 562XX : Sail boats
  • 563XX : 1/14 Scale R/C Tractor Trucks
  • 564XX : Glider planes
  • 566XX : 1/25 scale tanks
  • 567XX : 1/12 Tamtech Gear RTR
  • 570XX : Complete Kits (with radio)
  • 571XX : Tam-Tech Gear Kits
  • 576XX : 1/10 RC Boy's 4WD Racer

So, what is the number behind the kit number??

In the above example you have the kit number RA1003. In other words its Radio Controlled Kit number three (The tyrrell P34) which is in 1/10 scale.

The number behind there, is in this case *9,800.

Ignore the star, it's only a decorative item, but the 9,800 is simply the retail price for the kit, at the time of issue of course.

Written by Larbut

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