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Richard's 6x6 build from left over parts. 1 week 5 days ago #70153

I'm not sure I've posted pictures of this before as up to now only has been a chassis with High Lift axles, Bullhead body and just rear suspension mocked up.
Frame is 1mm stainless steel that a mate made for me, it might be replaced by a longer one as it is about 10cm too short than I want it to be.
Here from a while ago.

And from today

As it has been winter here for a while and it don't seem to be gone anytime soon, I want to build a snow plow truck for the winter and rescue truck for the rest of the season.
First thing I did today was to swap out the front wheels with some new Axial 1.9 beadlocks I have had for a while (same as the rear ones)
The rear wheels and tires is from my former trail rig that later became the twin turbo 4x4 Hot Rod.

The rear suspension as I started earlier today

Tamiya High Lift - HL from now on, axles are dead easy to convert to power trough for 6x6 and 8x8 applications etc, just trim off the seam that holds the rear part in place on a stock axle of one of the pieces,  and then bolt them together.
Same goes for TLT axles if you can find those.
HL axles have 6mm wider track than the TLT and feature a round pumpkin vs TLT that has a more square look to it like the semi trucks.
TLT and HL uses same diff, but on the HL the diff is lockable via a set screw. Both uses TA04 steering knuckles.
Those brackets are link mounts for the TLT, but can be used as leaf mounts etc. I have loads of those.

Should be able to flex like this when finished

The lower link is just to hold the axles together as I make the suspension work.
It will have lower links like Tamiya semi trucks.
You may spot the square bits on each end of the axle. Those are straight axle adapters and they replace the steering bits to make them a bit tidyer.
Mine is 3 printed by a friend.

Next I made styrene templates of the suspension mounting plate based on the look of the Tamiya ones.

Then fitted them to the suspension to see if it could work.
Flpped the leaf pivot point so the axles would not swing so much when one axle compresses.
I would have used a semi truck leaf spring axle mount as those are low profile ones, but I do not have any of those.

A better look with the wheels off.
I decided to fit a link mount like the other side and fitted the same type to the underside of the axle for the links to be mounted to.

Here a better view of the link mounts and the axle straight adapter.
It still uses the orginal drivecup and wheel axle as stock axle, but within the adapter.
They are easy to fit after the steering knuckle ears are removed along with the steering stop flange at the end of the axle housing.

Made a start of the lower links. They will change till I find the perfect setup for my needs.
Rod ends are metal ones from RC4WD and are not precise enough for me on normal crawler stuff, but on this it works fine.

Imagne my leveler is my chassis and this is the max flex between those two axles.
They are over 6cm in difference from the ground to the wheel axle.
With links fitted to the other side, this might be even more,
I can fit some sort of restrictor on the chassis for the axles if I want too.

Between axles I will use these Traxxas driveshafts. I have plenty of these in stock. Used to use these all the time on my custom builds.
This is max angle of the joints, can do a bit better when modified.

And this is about the same angle as the axles at max flex.
So these will do fine.
As they are plastic they are easy to shorten. Need 1cm shorter? Cut 5mm off each end 

6 hours was enough today.
Takes a while when I need to go through all my boxes as my bolt length selection is coming down rapidly.
Out of 3x8, 3x10 and 3x25 among other sizes.

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Richard's 6x6 build from left over parts. 1 week 5 days ago #70160

Another awesome built arrives. Very nice Richard.
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Richard's 6x6 build from left over parts. 1 week 4 days ago #70161

Great job!! 
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Richard's 6x6 build from left over parts. 1 week 4 days ago #70162

Wow…really nice build! Looks very intresting. Keep the pics coming 
Proud owner of the Bruiser Family
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Richard's 6x6 build from left over parts. 1 week 8 hours ago #70208

Thanks guys 

Today I made new lower links and flipped the link mounts.
Reason is I wanted to have as long links as possible which makes the axle move less in a arch motion when flexing.
To be able to use the holes in the plate mount I had to use some spare bent rod ends (Boom Racing) at the axle mount end.
The real plate mount will be made out of 2mm aluminium and the link holes will be closer together to make the links longer than this which is a good thing.

Close up of how I fitted the link mounts on the axle.
The bolt closest to the link is button head so the rod end can move as much as possible.

How it looks the correct way

A closer look.
I would like to have bent rod ends at the plate mount side as well, but I have non left.

Max flex with some weight added.

Mocked up on the chassis

It does flex one jar of PC paint at each corner of the axles

That's all I had energy for today..
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