I had a couple of overspray on my Datsun 280ZX shell after the red colour. So I needed to get the overspray away before white. It turned out to be really easy!


Here is one of the areas I had to attend to. I had probably been too lazy with the masking...



And this is my preferred tool!

A simple Cotton Stick.



Dip the Cotton Stick in Nitro (for Nitro cars). I used what I had on the shelf, and it happened to be 25% Nitro. I do not know if that is a requirement, but try whit whatever nitro you got.



And this is the result after a couple of seconds of rubbing!

Be careful not to touch any other parts of the painted surface.

Also note that the nitro is very greasy, so the the body should be thoroughly cleaned before next coat of paint.



Written by Larbut


#1 chalkias 2012-09-07 20:19
I've never used nitro fuel, but I have had great success with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). Dip the cotton swab in it and rub out the over-spray, it lifts right off. I've used it with Faskolor brand paint only though, not sure of other brands yet.
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